Serviced apartments have recently gained a significant amount of popularity and attention among travelers. A large majority of people who have stayed in serviced apartments also seem to prefer them over traditional hotel rooms, which leads us to the obvious question: why is that so? What are the standout features that make serviced apartments a better proposition than hotel rooms in the same price segment? Do they really have any advantages worth exploring?

Better Service

All good serviced apartments have top-notch concierge services that go beyond traditional room-service. As a result, the entire stay feels like living in one’s own home, without any of the chores but with all the conveniences. There is a reason why they are called serviced apartments after all!

More Space

Serviced apartments are just that, which means that they are essentially living quarters with all the rooms you would normally see in a proper residential apartment. Of course, the number of rooms in each apartment and the size of those rooms will vary in accordance with one’s budget and the provider but compared to any hotel room in the same budget, a serviced apartment will, of course, be more spacious by default.

Perfect for Both Business & Family Trips

A serviced apartment is the perfect example of a situation where pleasure meets business in perfect rhythm. Pay a visit to to see the most lavish, serviced apartments across various business hubs in the UK, and even in some of the international industrial hotspots.

These come with fully stocked kitchens, can house multiple employees/family members in one apartment, and have staff available to help 24/7, essentially making them as fit for business trips as they are for a holiday with the family.

Versatility Makes Them Useful as Premium, Rental Apartments

The versatility of serviced apartments makes them ideal as an in-between home during relocation. When a family moves into a new city without prearrangements for accommodation, they can stay in a serviced apartment for as long as they want or need to. The experience would be the same as staying in a premium, residential apartment, but with better service, of course. There are no cash deposits here to worry about, so the family can simply move to their new home whenever they are ready to.

Cost Efficiency

Once you consider the fact that serviced apartments offer better service, more space, a stocked kitchen and more freedom than similarly priced hotel rooms, the real question would have to be, why would anyone go to a hotel after an experience like that?

Due to these reasons and various others, serviced apartments have become the more cost-efficient, luxurious choice for travellers around the world. Perhaps the only aspect one may need to consider would be one’s budget for the trip because cramped, low-quality motel rooms will always have that advantage of being cheaper.

On the other hand, serviced apartments are meant to serve corporate teams, executives, families and everyone else who prefers freedom and quality. Among that crowd, the popularity of these premium serviced apartments will only grow further with time.