Remote work is more than a trend, it’s our new normal…and one critical element has emerged as a top priority for remote workers: Reliable and high-speed wifi connections. But which cities have the best WiFi for remote workers in the U.S.?

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Several states have been rolling out broadband expansions, making some cities ripe for remote work. Tucson has made the list of 10 Cities with the Best WiFi for Remote Workers. This comes from experts at The full list includes:

1. Waco, Texas

2. Springfield, Illinois 

3. Greensboro, North Carolina 

4. Madison, Wisconsin 

5. Omaha, Nebraska 

6. St. Paul, Minnesota 

7. Ogden, Utah 

8. Tucson, Arizona 

9. Chattanooga, Tennessee 

10. Hartford, Connecticut

More About Tucson:

• Cost of Living Score: 95.7

• Average Rental Cost: $1,300

• Crime Rate: 23 per 1,000 people

• Close Major City: Phoenix

By 2025, nearly a quarter of the American workforce will be working from home. Having reliable Wi-Fi will be a key strategy for these cities to bring in this workforce to their communities.

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