When we went to sleep in mid-March, we woke up to a different world that isolated us from our family and friends. It’s normal to react to a stressful situation with a heightened sense of worry and nervousness.

However, it’s important to learn to cope with anxiety and stress in a healthy way as long-term anxiety and stress can have a damaging effect on the mind and body.

One solution to combating long-term stress is finding a Naturopath in Melbourne that will teach you coping skills and addressing any concerns or stressors.

Finding a Naturopath or a natural therapist could be a great first step in learning coping skills to ensure you’re staying energised, positive, and as less stressed as possible.

Before booking your appointment, start identifying stressors that are having an impact on your daily life to work through with your natural therapist.

Identifying Stressors

Let’s start with understanding what stress is and how it occurs. According to Health Direct, stress is defined as “ an expected human response to challenging or dangerous situations…and experiencing stress is part of being alive.”

There’s a difference between motivational, short-term stress that can lead you to be alert, energetic, and productive and prolonged stress which can cause serious damage to your mind and body.

Think of the issues you’re currently facing and write them down. You may notice that your stressors originate from external events or pressures. Many external stressors include;

• Major life changes such as a new marriage, house or pregnancy

• Physical environment such as your location

• Unpredictable events such as the COVID-19 pandemic

• Workplace

• Social

Whilst these can seem like a major event, even a change in routine can cause stress.

Effects of Stress

Stress often enacts a ‘fight or flight’ response that releases the hormones of adrenaline and cortisol to prepare the body to deal with the upcoming challenge. When these hormones are released, they increased the heart rate, metabolism, and breathing rate.

For a short amount of time, your body is able to handle the stress, but chronic stress can lead to numerous medical issues. These include;

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Mood swings

• Anger and irritability

• Restlessness

• Feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated or unfocused

• Sleeping issues

• Memory issues

There are many techniques that allow you to manage stress in a healthy way including identifying your stressors, different breathing & relaxation methods, lifestyle changes and support others.

Effects of Anxiety

According to Headspace, “anxiety is more than feeling stressed or worried. It can be tough to cope, but with the right support, things can get better.” We learned above that stress can be our body’s response to a challenging situation, but anxiety goes a step further with physical changes in the body as a reaction. These can include;

• Faster breathing

• Racing heart

• Feeling tense

• Body aches (especially in the neck, shoulders, and back)

• Sweating

• Feeling dizzy

• Shaking

• Nausea

In addition to the physical response, the mental toll of anxiety stretches to include;

• Increased worrying

• Loss of control

• Difficulty in concentration

• Irrational worry

Anxiety or panic attacks can also be common, but it’s important to remember they’re only temporary and they will pass.

Coping with  Stress and Anxiety

Before diagnosing yourself, see a medical professional before altering any behavior in a profound way. However, there are several things you can do at home to ease your stress and calm yourself down. These include;

• Taking a moment to breathe in a stressful situation

• Repeating to yourself that you’re okay

• Meditating

• Daily affirmations

• Increased reading and podcast consumption

• Exercising

• Practicing self-love, self-care, and self-kindness

If you’re trying the methods above and your stress is still impacting your life, please see us today at Vital Chi Wellness for a free 15-minute consultation for all new customers.

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