For a woman, there isn’t much else like a high-heeled shoe. What might seem like just a simple foot covering can completely transform an entire ensemble. High heels not only make a difference in the outfit, but they can work wonders for the mentality as well.

Women from all around the world dawn creative, inventive high heel shoes as a way to channel their femininity, power, and sexiness. It goes without saying that there is an undeniable allure to the feelings oftentimes associated with high heels. This is just the start!

High Heels Are Not For Everyone

As much as you might desire that high-heeled look and feel, the type of shoewear just might not be for you. Some women can go an entire lifetime trying to comfortably wear the shoes and never get it down. Foot and bone structure can be a fickle thing. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you are completely out of luck. As ingenious as the apparel industry has become, there are now more comfortable, viable solutions available.

While these alternatives might not replica all the glamor of a high-heeled shoe, they will still offer height and sexiness without that ankle and calf pains.

Consider A Class

If you are not successful with your first pair of high heels, don’t get down on yourself. There is true art and style associated with this footwear. You might be surprised to hear it, but there are classes dedicated solely to training women on how to walk in high heels. The American Fitness Center Crunch offers one of these classes. It is known as “The Power Of The Stiletto.” Get yourself a pair of silver glitter heels and get signed up.

Men Wore These Things?

If you were shocked to learn that classes are offered to train women to walk in heels, you are going to be even more surprised to learn that the first high heels were created for the male party. That’s right, these shoes were originally crafted for men. It was during the 16th century that high heels became an accrued part of a warrior’s armor.

It was the Persian horseback riders that wore these heels purely out of necessity. At the time, these warriors weren’t trying to make a fashion statement. They were trying to better stabilize and secure their feet in the riding stirrups. It was also later discovered by some that high heels could provide a more stabilized platform when drawing back on a bowstring.

High Heels Can Get Expensive

As the provider of a family, you probably don’t need anyone reminding you that shoe wear can get expensive. And women require a lot of footwear. It was during the 1700s that high heels were only worn by royalty. If you go back and look through a history book, be sure to make a quick note of the feet. You’ll likely see a lot of high heels during the 1700s.

With that out of the way, it would only be royalty that could afford today’s most expensive high heels. There is a pair decorated with rubies, diamonds, and sapphires that go as high as $3 million. Princess Yasmin Aga Khan currently owns the shoes, but this very design and style were inspired by the ever-lovely Rita Hayworth.