Are you planning to sign up for a dance class? Then, you should probably weigh down the pros and cons of private dance lessons.

Are you finally putting on your dancing shoes? That’s great! One of the major decisions is to choose the type of dance class you prefer. Usually, most dance studios offer you two lucrative options -group dance classes and private dance lessons.

Each one comes with its own pros & cons. Experience tells us that many newbies and even seasoned dancers thrive during private dance lessons. Here are some reasons:

• One-on-One Session: This is a type of no-brainer! There is no denying the fact that private dance classes will offer you full-end access to a professional trainer at your disposal. In comparison to group dancing lessons, you are not competing with other students in a private lesson.

Private dance classes are the perfect opportunity to receive proper feedback from the instructor. Moreover, you can leverage the sessions to seek dancing tips from the instructors without any hesitation.

• Confidence Boosters: Think you are not yet ready for a public appearance? Then, private dancing lessons can be the right way to hone your dancing skills. These lessons allow you to dance your heart out without the prying eyes of anyone else watching your every move.

Another major benefit of a private lesson is improved flexibility. With specific private packages, you can:

1. Select your preferred dancing styles

2. Choreograph your own moves

3. Get to learn advanced skills at a better pace

• One Step at a Time: Different performers walk through the door to dancing perfectly. While some are highly eager, still they might be weak in execution. On the other hand, some might pick up the steps on the first go itself. When these performers are in a group activity, they learn at a medium pace.

The group format might appear too slow or too fast for different performers. In case you do not prefer following the generalized dance class format, then private lessons are a great option.

This is because your instructor can get an idea of how much you are capable of taking in with every class. This allows them to come up with a customized dance plan for meeting your needs.

• Private Lessons for Additional Help: Some dance forms are easier for some students. This does not necessarily imply that the student should not take dedicated dance lessons. He or she might require additional help to excel in the field.

As a dancer, if you are facing challenges with particular dance techniques or moves, a private lesson, emphasizing special techniques, can make a major difference in the era of learning. A significant portion of dancing is all about self-confidence.


A private lesson is a great way to build a reliable relationship with the instructor. If you need to schedule a private dance lesson, it will serve to be a one-on-one lesson for your time & money spent. All the best!