As technology advances, a new form of entertainment emerges. For many years, that form has been the internet. With its vast selection of videos, articles, games, and more, it’s no wonder why the internet has taken over as the top source of entertainment. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the internet continues to reign supreme when it comes to entertainment. 

Rise of social media

The rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has taken the world by storm. One report claims that worldwide there are currently over 2 billion active social media users. This number continues to grow larger on a daily basis, too. The increase of social media users has had an effect on the entertainment industry. One major impact is that more people are watching videos online instead of going to their local movie theater or renting a DVD.

A second effect that social media has had is that it has given everyone a voice. People are able to share their thoughts with the world without having to put on air or worry about being condemned for their opinions. This is one of the reasons why YouTube has become so popular, as anyone can upload a video and have people view it within hours or even minutes, depending on how many subscribers they have.

Social media has also greatly increased the popularity of gaming. Sites such as Twitch allow gamers to livestream their gameplay, allowing viewers from all around the world to watch and interact with them.

A third impact that social media has had on entertainment is how it has allowed people to connect with their favorite celebrities. They can follow them on their social media platforms and get updates on what they’re doing. They can also interact with them through comments, likes, and shares.

Rise of short-form media

While social media has had a significant impact on entertainment, another form of internet entertainment has grown in popularity: short-form media. Sites such as Vine and Instagram have allowed people to connect and watch videos and photos that are less than a few minutes long. While this form of content doesn’t last as long as something created for TV or film would, it allows people to enjoy entertainment material while on the go.

Short-form media has also allowed celebrities to explore new ways to interact with their audience. Rather than just posting photos of themselves on social media, they now have the opportunity to create content that can be viewed in under a minute.

Rise of online casinos

Over the past decade or so, there has been a rise in online casinos. With everything going digital, it only made sense that casinos followed soon after, but how they became a success is simple to understand. They are a one-of-a-kind form of entertainment for so many people, offering a variety of games and ways to gamble than traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. The ability to do so on one’s phone, anytime, anywhere, was a huge perk too. Even though it is online, you can still enjoy great interactions live both with dealers and other players, and this is a big pulling point for many. You can find an online live dealer and live casino online at the touch of a button now. Online VR technology is also leaving an even bigger impact on the industry. They are pushing boundaries and making casino experiences more lifelike than ever before, offering detailed and realistic games. This is part of the reason why they’ve taken off in popularity over the past decade or so. 

Rise of streaming services

When it comes to entertainment, one of the biggest trends is streaming. Sites like Netflix continue to grow in popularity over time. People are canceling their cable subscriptions or never getting cable in the first place. It makes sense. There is so much content out there to watch, and it’s all free or close to free with the right streaming service.

With all these different streaming services available, why should people pay for expensive TV packages?

Rise of online video games

The rise in popularity of e-sports has also had an effect on how people view entertainment. People are now viewing computer games as a legitimate sport. One report claims that 29%of adults have played an online video game in the past year. That number continues to increase, meaning that more people are playing games than ever before. There is even a college-level e-sports scene now, with scholarships given out to students who demonstrate outstanding skills when it comes to their favorite games.

Rise of digital music subscriptions

Streaming isn’t just for video entertainment. You can watch all the videos you want, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cheap. Digital music subscriptions such as Spotify offer a more affordable way to listen to music. They’re also becoming increasingly popular as time goes on as well.


The way people view entertainment has changed over the past decade or so. While TV shows, movies, and video games are still popular, social media has blurred the line between entertainers and their audiences. Sites like YouTube have allowed anyone to become a viral star overnight, with thousands of views within hours. People are no longer consumers of entertainment; they are now just as much a part of it as the stars they watch. Will the internet continue to dominate in providing entertainment? There is no reason why it won’t. It’s already happened, and people don’t seem to want it to change anytime soon.