Architect Of The Year 2011

Awards & Events | 1 Feb, 2011 |

RSP Architects

Winner of Best Public Project: Musical Instrument MuseumArchitect of the Year 2011: RSP Architects

Since 1978 RSP Architects has been creating spaces nationally and internationally. With offices in Phoenix, Minneapolis,  Rochester, Minn., China and India, RSP employs more than 200 people — and one penguin. The firm has worked with companies around the globe and has a diverse portfolio ranging from the spectacular Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale to work with the U.S. military.

RSP’s No. 1 goal is to provide excellent service to its clients. RSP not only designs the space, it understands the space. This can be seen in the corporate environments it creates where it makes the environment more productive, yet still comfortable; or in the museums it designs where it makes sure the acoustics are just right; even in the schools it creates with an environment to spark curiosity and inspire students to achieve.

RSP architects not only strive to make it’s building beautiful and useful, but also sustainable. The firm believes “sustainable design is inherent within any good, smart building design.” RSP is committed to the 2030 Challenge, which requires architecture firms to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment. RSP also has completed 12 LEED certified projects.

With more than 30 years of experience, RSP Architects has developed key criteria when working with a client. RSP believes stewardship, discipline and adaptability will create results.

RSP is committed to success.

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