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‘Forum’ and Function

Amanda Ventura, Editor

Amanda Ventura, Editor

The last few months have been full of rip your hair out, tighten your seat belt excitement at AZRE. We hired our first staff writer, Meryl Fishler, whose byline you will begin seeing more within the pages of this magazine. Read her article about the private land grab on page 10.

You may also note our stunning cover girls, who are the second grouping of humans to run on the cover of AZRE. Putting together the list of Most Influential Women is always a rewarding struggle. As a woman with a still-young career, I can’t imagine a better group of role models. It was a privilege to share their stories of achievement. They begin on page 33.

AZRE is also introducing a new broker feature in the Big Deals section. We’re kicking things off with Commercial Properties Inc.’s Leroy Breinholt, who finds a way to be involved in more than 600 transactions a year. Hear the method to his madness, which includes fast cars, on page 18.

And, lastly, I’ve been deep in throes of bringing together a stellar group of panelists for AZRE’s first commercial real estate forum. From the top developers in the state to leaders in commercial industries and the brokerage community, this meeting of the minds is one I recommend you make space for in Evernote. Save the date: July 23 at the Ritz Carlton between 3:30 and 7 p.m. We promise it’ll bring down the house — although that may also have something to do with it being the last big event at the Ritz before it’s rebranded as a boutique-y hotel in the Autograph Collection (read more about the changing hotel industry on page 6).

Either way, it’s bound to be monumental, right?

See you at the forum!

Amanda Ventura, Editor
[email protected]

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