Tolleson-based Cactus Asphalt will recognize the City of Prescott at the city council meeting for its environmental efforts in reusing 28,000 tires for its rubber asphalt chip seal program in the past three years.

The paving construction company will present the City of Prescott with the Cactus Cares environmental sustainability award and make a donation to the 100 Club charity based on the number of tires used, totaling $1,400.

The award is given to an agency that has achieved significant environmental savings through its streets program and their commitment to environmental sustainability.

As an Arizona company, Cactus Asphalt and its employees want to recognize what the City of Prescott has done to preserve the state’s resources while improving the streets.

In past three years, Cactus Asphalt has completed approximately 505,000 square yards of Rubber Chip Sealing on City of Prescott roadways, equating to 72 lane miles, using more than 475,000 pounds of recycled tire rubber. By using the recycled rubber, approximately 28,000 tires were recycled.

“The City of Prescott has been instrumental in the success of the projects we have done in Prescott; and in Prescott’s commitment to use recycled tires in its road maintenance and construction,” said Jake Dominy, president of Cactus Asphalt.

The 100 Club of Arizona is a nonprofit organization committed to providing financial assistance to the families of public safety officers and firefighters who are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.