Guttman Financial Group offers well-being workshop

Jerry Guttman of the Guttman Financial Group will be offering a free seminar on the topic, “Financial Blunders – Lessons We Never Learn.” The seminar will take place on Tuesday, June 30 from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at the Hampton Inn Suites, 8408 West Paradise Lane in Peoria. The seminar is open to people of all ages and income levels. “It’s so important for people to get a better handle on their finances. The future is quite uncertain as Social Security needs to be improved, retirement accounts are not being funded with much regularity and the overall economic outlook for this country is rather mediocre at best,” said Guttman.

Through his association with SOFA – The Society for Social Awareness, Guttman provides free seminars throughout the Valley helping people gain better control of their overall financial situation and gets them headed in the right direction moving forward. “Our seminars are a must-attend for anyone who needs assistance in understanding how to save more for retirement, how to live without leveraging their future, but more importantly, how to avoid the financial pitfalls that all of us face every day.”

His discussion on June 30 will focus on the following topics – “how to avoid losing up to 40% of your retirement plan on the day you walk away,” “the difficulties understanding the market,” “great opportunities, great risks,” “learn the Social Security secrets,” “do I have enough to retire comfortably?” and “sound/guaranteed income opportunities.” “We cover a wide range of information, but all of my attendees always walk away with a sound set of principles to live by and now have the ability to give better thought to what they are doing with their money. Simply, in an hour and a half, I can turn people’s lives around. For some, it’s a crucial and in some cases, a life-saving event. I urge everyone interested to please stop by,” added Guttman, who is President of SOFA’s Phoenix chapter.

Guttman and his SOFA workshops provide FREE financial education in schools, churches, businesses and communities throughout Phoenix. All of the seminars are conducted in a learning environment with no selling or endorsement of financial products.

SOFA’s membership base is comprised of licensed professionals such as CPA’s, Financial Advisors, Estate Planning Attorneys, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Credit Repair Specialists and other Health and Wellness professionals. All are dedicated to ending financial illiteracy in our communities and donate time, knowledge and energy to provide people with the necessary tools and information to restore their financial health.