Who has a terrace, has a treasure. Or was the phrase not like that? Well, it seems to us that if it isn’t, it should be! All of you who have a terrace at home should be aware of the enormous luck that this entails enjoying summer nights when you get home from work, a lunch or dinner outdoors, a siesta in the shade … A thousand and one ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Of course: it is very important to have a neat, clean, comfortable terrace , with everything you need to get the most out of it. And as always, at Sky Marketing  we want to inspire you. In this book of ideas you will find more than 20 wonderful proposals for you to get many ideas for terraces.

Enjoy it!

1. Umbrellas

No terrace can be enjoyed without having some shade. The typical umbrellas of a lifetime are a timeless option that never goes out of style.

2. Awning

Or, we can opt for awnings or pergolas. For an awning like this we will need several anchor points, but if we have them: it is a great option!

3. Essential materials: wood

There are materials that seem essential in any terrace, basic. One of them is wood, which we can introduce into floors, furniture, accessories, walls … You decide.

4. Plants in beautiful pots

On terraces, especially in cities, natural grass does not usually have a place. But the vegetation must always be present, so introduce it through pretty pots like these.

5. Of course… flowers!

And when we talk about plants, of course we also talk about flowers. Occasionally scattered around the space manages to provide notes of color and joy.

6. Pallets for a nice and cheap terrace

If you want fashionable, beautiful and inexpensive furniture, pallets can be a wonderful option to consider. You can buy them or make them yourself.

7. Or recycle to create DIY furniture

Notice how with a couple of restored and varnished boxes, added to a simple glass, we can get a very beautiful table.

8. The importance of soil

The floor is vital in the beauty of a terrace. Our main advice is that you always keep it clean and neat, in addition to not being afraid to innovate and combine materials. Here the gravel brings dynamism and color to the terrace.

9. Puffs and hammocks

Comfort is what we have to take into account the most on our terrace. A wonderful idea is to combine beanbags and hammocks to get a wonderful little corner in which to rest.

10. A hanging chair

This type of hanging chairs will give your terrace a touch of original, modern, different design. They are also very, very comfortable.

11. Color notes

The touches of color can help us to make the environment more pleasant, more alive, more welcoming. Introduce them through textiles or decoration.

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12. Stones for a garden – the most zen terrace

Gravel and stones achieve a completely different type of look than grass or vegetation. A more zen terrace, in an oriental style. Bamboo is the perfect companion.

13. The beauty of wrought iron

Wrought iron can be a great idea for our terrace furniture. It’s timeless, has a romantic edge, and will fit into just about any style.

14. Romantic candles

Dining by candlelight on the terrace is one of the best things we can think of. They bring that cozy and romantic touch so flattering …

15. The most original lamps

Another way to illuminate our terrace being original, is to go beyond the typical outdoor lamps or spotlights. These designer bulbs are a nice option.

16. If it is roofed, take advantage of it

If you have a covered terrace, you can take advantage of it to get more out of it like an outdoor living room , that is, put decoration and furniture that you would not put on a completely open terrace. The carpet we see in the image is a good example.

17. Include a font

The fountains are not only beautiful, but also help to refresh the environment on the hottest days. Not to mention the wonder of hearing the water fall .

18 . Hot tub

If you have enough budget and want to treat yourself, why not a hot tub? You can cool off on hot summer days and relax with its bubbles .

19. Many (and varied) cushions

The cushions in different patterns and colors add dynamism to any terrace, in addition to making the sofas more comfortable. An inexpensive and easy to carry out idea.

20. Curtains

Curtains help us to regulate the amount of light we want to penetrate our terrace, as well as being a very flattering decorative element.

21. Metallic or mirror finishes

An idea very little seen but precious in our opinion. Through small decorative details or elements like this planter, you can carry it out.

22. A barbecue

Of course, you could not miss the idea of ​​adding a barbecue to the terrace to get even more out of it this summer. Enjoy an evening with friends with a good meal is priceless.

23. Cozy dining room

We close the book of ideas with an image of a cute and simple dining room, which reminds us of the importance of having an area dedicated to this task (and possibly in the shade).

24. Outdoor furniture

When you have a large space at home where you can spread out outside, such as a large garden, the most interesting thing you can do for your main porches is to install a furniture area. With it, you can enjoy the greenery and the outdoors, both in winter and summer. Warm nights offer you endless plans and meetings at home, and when the cold falls, it is interesting to have outdoor stoves to get you warm and be able to use this area at any time of the year. The furniture for these outdoor spaces must be waterproof, and easy to clean. You will want the decoration of your terraces to be beautiful and look like new.

25. A little pool

The dream of any single family home owner is to have a swimming pool at home. The decoration of the outdoor terraces not only involves mobile elements, but also those that we cannot move, as would be the case of the pool. An architect will be able to make a perfect design for your terrace, where the pool will be part of the decoration in a spectacular way. You just have to see the terrace design in the image, it is enviable!

26. A balcony used

The terraces are not always large enough for you to install large furniture, or umbrellas, or the hot tub. For this reason, balconies are small outdoor spaces, which give us a bit of the outside to the inside of our home. It is present in every house in Blue World City. The terraces and the decoration are closely linked, especially in the last year. But the balconies are gaining more and more prominence, since with a small table and two chairs, you can make it the favorite corner for Sunday breakfast.