An era spanning over four decades of property ownership came to an end for three retired school teachers, which so happen to be sisters. The family owned and operated assorted businesses which had been previously used as a gas station and grocery store, operated by the parents, an ice store that was operated by the son, and lastly, Enterprise Automobile rental company leased the property.

On behalf of the family trust, the seller Diana Smiley spoke pleasantly about her working relationship with Senior Advisor, Judy Jones. “After 40 years of being in the family, we finally sold our property. Judy Jones provided clear communication, excellent guidance and professionalism, which made the sale easy and pleasant.”

“This is an excellent redevelopment site due to the high traffic on Beeline Highway.  There is fantastic visibility from the street, flexible zoning, and a large free standing sign that will get everyone’s attention,” Jones stated with high expectations for the new ownership.

Jones sold the redevelopment property for $475,000 to Dumitru & Virginia Hiticas.  The seller, Pickett Payson Irrevocable Trust, was represented by Judy Jones with Sperry Van Ness, LLC.  in Phoenix.  The buyers were represented by Dianna Russ with West USA Realty, who happened to be the buyer’s daughter.  It is clear that this large family-related deal transaction was rewarding for everyone.  Tammy Gormley with WFG National Title Insurance Co. solidified the transaction.