We all want to grow up fast so we can move out of our parents’ home and become independent. Moving out can be really exciting and daunting at the same time. It can be scary moving out and starting a new life on your own.  But before you can move out of your parents home, you need to find an apartment. This has to be your main focus. In today’s article, we’ve discussed 5 things you need to be aware of before you rent an apartment.

Price and Budget

The first and foremost thing you should consider when renting an apartment is the monthly rental charge and your budget. During your search, you may come across some very beautiful apartments that you would want to rent very much. If you rent something that is more than you can afford, you’ll only drown yourself in debt, and you don’t want to start your adult life this way! It would be better to rent an apartment you can afford and easily pay the rent, rather than becoming insolvent in a short time. Also, make sure you are aware of renter’s insurance for the apartment you plan to rent out.

Permission to Keep Pets

Are you an animal lover? You need to keep in mind that there are some apartments that do not allow pets, not even fish. So, if you have a pet or are looking forward to purchasing one, then when you search for an apartment, make sure you are aware of whether the apartment you plan to rent allow pets or not. Furthermore, if the apartment does allow pets, make sure you are well aware of what types of pets are allowed and which breeds. Some apartments even ask for a deposit or extra rent for keeping a pet.


If you don’t plan to live in an area for too long, then be sure to know for what period of time are you signing a rental contract . Most apartments will want a rental contract for a minimum amount of time, for example, one year. Be sure to know what you are getting yourself into. The best thing would be to ask as many questions as you can and peruse a rental document very carefully. You wouldn’t like to know that you are stuck in an apartment for two years after you made all the deposits and signed all the documents because you were not diligent to do your “homework” beforehand.

Make Sure the Air Conditioners and Heaters Work

This is another very important item not to miss when you are looking for an apartment. We all know how important the air conditioner is during the summers and heaters in the winters. Make sure that when you are looking at apartments, that the air conditioner and heater are in working order. You can take this step a little further by flushing all the toilets and opening the faucets to gauge the water pressure, and to make sure that water is available. Also, make sure that all the cupboards are fixed and that the doors and drawers don’t come off when you open them.

Location and Neighbors

Before you commit yourself to rent an apartment, make sure that you are satisfied with the location. In other words, make sure some important shops, like a grocery store, pharmacy, beauty parlor (in case you’re a female), etc. are close by, so you don’t have to travel far for these necessary places. It would be a plus if you could simply walk there, which would be good exercise. Also, check to see what the neighbors in the area are like and if there is a reserved parking space for you to park your car. You wouldn’t want to come home and have to park your car in the parking lot of a department store.

If you are wanting to make that big step of independence, then show your maturity by carefully selecting an affordable apartment, and wisely read all contracts. You will have a great start in the adult world.