Trends constantly evolve in housing and architecture in the UK, and this year we are seeing some changes. Below are some of the biggest trends to consider if you’re thinking about buying or building a new home.

Focus On The Kitchen

It happens all the time. When you have a party or social event at your home, everyone is in the kitchen. The kitchen is almost always the home’s focal point, so it’s becoming a big trend in UK architectural design.

This is something that many significant builders noticed years ago and have made the kitchen the central part of their properties. One builder says that the kitchens in their new properties are not just for cooking; an ample, open space is created that melds dining and cooking. Some kitchens are even connected to a garden or sunroom.

In this trend, the kitchen is transformed into a multi-functional, dynamic area to gather family and friends.

Space To Relax

With so much technology hitting us from all sides today, it’s harder to shut everything off and take a breath. That’s why more people in the UK want to devise a space in the home where they can pull back from the world. Somewhere they can just chill.

For example, one builder has devised a ‘you space’ that will become the perfect spot for when you want time to yourself. This room can turn out to be what you want – anything from a gym to a theater to a recording studio.

Other builders with this mindset have created a master suite with a luxurious bathroom and dressing room.

Room Flexibility

Choices and options are critical when it comes to homeowners’ demands for areas in the home that are useful for many purposes.

For those looking for a home to live in forever, it makes sense that their needs will evolve over the years. What might be the ideal place for a study now could be transformed into a gym tomorrow.

The excellent family room you love today could need to be changed to a living area for an older parent, or even the ideal teen zone.

High Mark Of Quality

Most people’s homes are the most significant purchases of their lives. So it’s logical that the quality of the fixtures, fittings, and build is vital. Many leading builders in the UK embrace these high design standards, interior specifications, and architecture.

For example, all properties are completed with high-quality, luxury brand kitchen appliances, as well as elegant bathrooms that have expensive taps, tiles, and showers. This focus on quality always helps the home look better to guests and will make it easier to sell down the road.

More Sustainable

A strong trend in UK architecture today is a trend towards constructing a home that is as green as possible. Many owners want to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Some of the concepts that are being put into new homes for sustainability include:

  • Better floor, wall, and roof insulation
  • Photovoltaic panels on the roof
  • Top-rated appliances
  • Compost bins to lower the amount of waste that goes to the landfill

Bringing In The Outdoors

The outside of the home in the UK is just as vital as the inside. Many modern buyers want a natural transition from the inside rooms to outdoor spaces.

Some builders address this factor by using sliding doors and certain rooms that connect these spaces. Those could be a garden or sunroom, or even a balcony.

Now that you understand more about the biggest architectural trends in the UK today, hopefully, you can incorporate some of these ideas into your new home.