Whether it is demolishing a wall or you have undertaken a backyard project, jackhammers offer manifold benefits. A tiny chisel and a hammer not only make the whole work time-consuming but also taxing. While for a person using a jackhammer for the first time could be intimidating, it is a great power tool that everyone could take advantage of.

Many consider jackhammers to be noisy, meant only for professional construction workers. While as an amateur choosing the right one could be tough with so many factors to consider, it is not impossible. Below find an overview of some of the finest jackhammers to opt for that will help in simplifying your next masonry job.

Bosch 11335K Demolition Jackhammer Kit

If you do not mind a heavy price tag when it comes to quality, the Bosch 11335K jackhammer is a brilliant choice. With a 15-amp motor, it could make the toughest demolition job seem like a walk in the park. It delivers up to 1300 BPM and, with advanced features like vibration control, it ensures you face no hassle.

The exterior of the jackhammer built of heavy-duty metal guarantees that it can take on the thickest wall easily. The auxiliary handle rotates; therefore, you can perform angled, vertical as well as horizontal operations with ease. The kit containing the hammer has been grease-packed, enabling smoother movement. It is very easy to maintain with features like Service Minderbrush.

Makita Demolition Jackhammer

Made with heavy metal, which promises longevity and can be used for various demolition jobs, it is a client favorite. A 14-amp motor and offering 1,450 BMP, it offers powerful output. With an ergonomic handle, the user is eased into the process before reaching full power to minimize the impact.

If you are searching for an affordable and reliable option that can handle all kinds of demolition and is hard-wearing, this would be a great choice. Fantastic for horizontal alongside angled demolition operations, it is meant for both construction experts and occasional homeowner users. Equipped with LED indicators; therefore, maintenance is pretty easy with this one.

XtremepowerUS Electric Jackhammer

Considered to be an inexpensive option, it comes with 360-degree front handle adjustability. The heavy-duty, durable chisel and a strong, powerful motor within a sturdy metal casing ensure it can demolish through thick slabs of concrete. The kit is light, making it easy to carry, and includes two chisels- a standard flat chisel and a bull point one.

It comes with plastic handles so that hand-arm shock syndrome could be avoided. It is worth the money and will offer reliable services for years.

Morphon Demolition Electric Jackhammer

Whether you are a DIY homeowner or construction professional, this jackhammer serves both small-scale and heavy-duty projects. The swiveling handle, along with the D-shaped grip, prioritizes shock absorbency and easy handling of the tool. It offers 1,800 revolutions in a minute and provides a strong output.

You have better control when using this hammer, and with a long warranty, you have nothing to worry about. Weighing 42.5 pounds, you can easily refurbish and do your home renovations competently with this.

F2C Demolition Jackhammer

A great recommendation for homeowners, though a small brand, it offers some quite powerful tools. The market is full of heavy-duty demolition jackhammers, but what makes this one stand out would be its 20-amp motor. This equipment can cover 1900 blows each minute. It comes with a highly functional accessory box and includes a bull point alongside a flat chisel.

You also get all the necessary items required for a safe demolition process like gloves, wrench, safety goggles, carrying bag. Also, you get a minimum of one year warranty with this one. If you are a user who likes to stay within the budget, this is an affordable option that comes with great control.

TR TR89100 Jackhammer

Whether something as easy as renovating a bathroom or tough as demolishing a thick slab of concrete, it can do all. With sturdy chisels of cast steel, it comes with a resilient metal housing. When compared with other demolition jackhammers, this one offers high impact energy of 33 ft-lbs and comes with an 11-amp motor.

If you are a construction professional with some demolition jackhammers, portability could be an issue. TR TR89100 is equipped with a 6’ cable and a movable plastic case. Though a bit on the heavy side, someone fit could easily carry it around.

When it comes to the accessories included, it comes with a 1/8 bull point, a flat and shovel chisel, and also a clay spade which could serve several purposes. The handles make it easier to control and maneuver it at different angles. If you are still working with hired demolition tools, then this is an excellent choice as it is reliable and reasonable.

Toolman Demolition Jackhammer

This, too, is a small brand out of the reputable ones but offers inexpensive choices with great features and user-friendly options. Usually, all the demolition tools come with a minimum of a 2-year warranty. Finding such a consistent and affordable option in the market could be difficult when compared to others.

With a 12.5-amp motor, it offers 1400 blows per minute and easy horizontal alongside angled operation. Offering great durability, it comes with superior build quality. Though not a great option for heavy demolition, it surely is more than sufficient for a DIY homeowner. One could easily transport it as it comes with a hard plastic case.

When it comes to purchasing guidance regarding jackhammers, what matters would be the impact frequency. This stands for the blows the tool offers each minute, and impact means how fast the job could be done in an efficient manner.

The stronger a jackhammer motor is, the better it would be. For homeowners, jackhammers that come with 10-11 amp are great, while for heavy construction, a minimum of 14-15 amp is a necessity. Jackhammers that come with soft-start mechanisms are ideal in terms of work precision and reducing risks of pain in the hands. Therefore, these are some of the best demolition jackhammers that would be worth every penny, offering high performance and durable design.