Adaptive Shelters has completed the installation of Arizona’s first shipping container employee housing units at Castle Hot Springs Resort, (5050 E. Castle Hot Springs Rd.) in Castle Hot Springs, Ariz. The homes provide onsite accommodations for personnel with work visas that might otherwise have difficulties securing residence. 

“We are thrilled with the benefits that come with modular construction,” said Tina Newman, director of sales and marketing at Castle Hot Springs Resort. “In addition to being built quickly to meet our needs, the shipping container homes are portable and can be expanded upon if needed. The versatility and quality can’t be beat.”

The workforce structures are built to residential building codes adopted by the Arizona Department of Housing in a quality-controlled factory that reduced waste and drastically shortened the development cycle compared to traditional site-built construction. This application continues to be beneficial in remote type settings where labor and materials can be sparse. Custom built for Castle Hot Springs, the units include a kitchenette, sleeping area and bathroom.

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“With more than 40,000 people on the public housing waitlist in Phoenix, employers are now looking at employee housing as an option to meet their needs,” said Adaptive Shelters Co-Founder, Dave Arfin. “It was a pleasure to work together with Castle Hot Springs to build these units using creative construction methods like shipping containers.” 

Through a robust design and quality-controlled manufacturing process, Adaptive Shelters creates structures that serve many intended uses beyond employee housing including, multi-family developments, homeless shelters, and retail sites. Adaptive Shelters has proven to be a market leader in offsite construction methods, delivering projects on time and with minimal impact on the environment. 

Commercial and residential developers alike can capitalize on the many benefits of manufactured structures including reduced labor costs, elimination of weather delays, versatility and more. For more information, visit