Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP), a top national construction management firm and general contractor, and Reunion Rehabilitation Hospitals (RRH), a system of state-of-the-art inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and America Development & Investments LLC (ADI), a leading healthcare real estate developer based in Dallas, completed construction on the state-of-the-art custom built facility.

With cutting edge therapy technology, the 51,000-square-foot hospital features 48 private inpatient suites, two advanced therapy rooms, a large visitation room, on-site café, multiple apartments designed to work on daily living tasks and an outdoor therapy and relaxation space. People with complex medical, neurological and orthopedic conditions, and debilitating illnesses and injuries such as stroke and brain trauma, can now receive comprehensive inpatient physical-medicine rehabilitation therapies using results-oriented, individualized plans of care for patients in the area.

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“There’s a great sense of pride that comes in delivering a facility offering vital services like this to a city that leads the nation in population growth. Now, Phoenix-area residents experience life-changing care closer to home, adding a level of peace previously unknown,” said Jeff Hansen, CEO of AP. “Our partnership with RRH and ADI on multiple locations allowed us to construct this facility with efficiency and expedited preconstruction and construction processes. Today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony increases our anticipation for what’s to come with the other project locations especially in Peoria.”

RRH Phoenix, located at 1675 E. Villa St., was developed by ADI and designed by Callaway Architecture, with 2GR Equity acting as an anchor investor of the hospital. Hospital operations include clinicians and support teams with specialty-trained physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony included performances by singer-songwriter Denice Alley of the Cherokee Nation, Shawnee and Otoe Tribes; Alley’s granddaughter and member of the Pima and Oneida tribes, Amaya; and the Wisdom Indian Dancers. Local dignitaries and over 100 guests were in attendance and received a variety of AP and RRH items in specialized locally made Arizona cloth bags.

“Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital demonstrates a commitment to quality patient care that embraces my vision for a healthier Phoenix,” said Kate Gallego, Mayor of Phoenix. “The GCC partnership will advance and accelerate quality, trained talent into much needed jobs.”

The hospital is one in a series of inpatient rehabilitation facilities that RRH plans to develop across the country. In addition to the newly opened Phoenix hospital, Adolfson & Peterson and ADI are developing a more than 47,000-square-foot hospital in Englewood, Colorado; 49,128-square-foot hospital in Peoria; a 55,617-square-foot hospital in Plano, Texas; and a 50,800-square-foot hospital in Arlington, Texas.