Buying a property is a serious investment. Prices can vary widely depending on the location and the type of property. A broken-down shed in the countryside will be quite cheap while a palatial residence can cost millions. In any case the real work starts after the purchase. The property must be renovated and managed in a way that stops it from deteriorate and loosing value. But managing your property includes more than just repairs as property must be guarded. The deserts of Texas for example are very sparsely populated and Security Guard Services for Dallas and the region might be necessary to prevent break ins or occupation by “Hippies”. This and many more factors must be considered while owning a piece of land or a House.

Keeping clean

It is amazing or rather shocking what just a few months of neglect can do to a property. Especially wood and plastic deteriorate quickly under the weather conditions if not maintained and cleaned regularly. What is just a few hours of work can turn into a big project if a property is not maintained well. Moving the lawn and weeding out unwanted plants is easy, if done regularly and if a tree has already grown a few years the work gets much more involved, and the use of heavy machinery might be necessary. Keeping a property clean also prevents animal pests to develop and a clean-cut lawn shows that someone cares for the land and is frequently around. This deters any people who want to use your land for their interests.

Security services

Holiday homes and Airbnb rentals are not always occupied by inhabitants. In the meantime, they need to be guarded in some form. This starts with a security system involving fencing and walls. Security cameras help observing these fences as an unguarded wall is just an obstacle that will eventually be overcome. Unfortunately, the problem with cameras is that renters might object to being surveilled so the best solution for any case might be to hire a security service that patrols around the neighborhood and checks up on the property from time to time. A security service can also help by just advising on the methods to keep a property save.

Building management

If it’s not possible to be very active in the upkeep of a property a company can be hired to perform the necessary tasks. The employees of these companies will make sure the garbage cans are out for collection in time and wooden parts of the buildings are regularly lacquered to keep them from rotting away. A worker that maintains the building also fills a second role as security guard even if not as specialized in most cases this is enough, and he can keep an eye out to make sure there are no strangers entering the building. He will also maintain the fire alarms making sure the smoke detectors have new batteries in case the low battery signal starts chirping. 

Keeping and increasing the value of a property

The value of a property varies with the general development of the market. On top of this regional variations appear, depending on how the area around the property is developing. In order to make sure there is no negative influence on the value of a property it pays to keep attention on what is happening in the neighborhood. If political involvement is possible and desired it is a great opportunity to shape the development of an area. A golf course or a hotel nearby will increase the value, other construction projects like huge factories, airports and certain types of housing will have a catastrophic influence on the price of your property. The earlier the planning for these types of projects is detected, it can be stopped. If that appears to be not possible the property can be sold before it loses its value on the market.

Noting beats owning land

Owning a property can seem complicated. The legal work connected to registering the property can already be difficult and expensive. Still investing in land is the most secure form of investing as nothing survives the changes of history as land ownership. Governments might change, States might disappear but land stays with its owner through most political and economic turmoil.