The Arizona Builders Alliance (ABA) appointed Ken Kortman of Kortman Electric as the organization’s 2017 president.

In his role, Kortman will facilitate discussions with the board of directors and utilize their direction and support to ensure consensus on industry issues and challenges and help the organization achieve success in 2017.

“My goals are to promote the association as a leader in the construction industry and as a voice of growth to the business community, to work with local and national legislation in an effort to promote a positive business environment that can move the economy forward, and to encourage education and training for existing and future leaders and craftsmen,” Kortman said.

Kortman Electric has been an ABA member since 1996 because “we recognized the value of working beside our peers and taking advantage of the educational programs,” said Kortman, who graduated from the ABA’s Leadership Development Forum in 2010, became a board member in 2011 and graduated from the ABA’s Senior Executive Program in 2012.

In describing why Kortman will succeed this year, Mark Minter, the ABA’s executive director, says that Ken is an organized problem solver. “Ken tries to understand the issue and then moves to possible solutions, and he has a great understanding of how the various players in the industry interact.”

Minter also notes that the biggest challenge the association and the industry has faced and will continue to face in 2017 is workforce development. “We are going to have a shortage of workers up and down the chain. Ken’s firm has a strong history of finding and training new craft workers.”

With over 34 years in Phoenix’s A/E/C industry, Kortman says that working his way up in the trade through several different positions shaped his leadership style and allows him to recognize the value of a talented team. Today he is the president of Kortman Electric, where he focuses on leading strategic planning, building relationships and creating value for clients. He also emphasizes team support and a culture of integrity and excellence.

In addition to his work in the industry, Kortman serves on the charity boards of Elevate Phoenix, Arizona Urban Youth Excel and Lifestream Complete Senior Living, and is involved with the Sky Harbor Coalition.

He is an alum of Arizona State University, where he received a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. “After years of coaching club and high school sports, marrying my high school sweetheart, and raising four great kids, my free time has shifted to the amazing role of Grandpa “Dutch”,” said Kortman.