AZRE Magazine November/December 2013

‘Healthy Dose of Optimism’

Amanda 2-smThis was an exciting year for real estate. Litanies of “recovery” echoed throughout Arizona, which was named one of the fastest-growing states by Moody’s Analytics in September, and many sectors of commercial real estate got much-needed morale boosts throughout the last three quarters.

It was a particularly interesting year for medical office buildings as the deadline for the Affordable Care Act approaches. The ACA could mean bringing healthcare to more than 30 million previously uninsured Americans, which will greatly affect the healthcare industry — and its real estate. Inside this issue of AZRE, industry professionals chime in on just what the ACA will mean for physicians and their facilities as well as trends within the sector. Healthcare Trust of America CEO and President Scott Peters also breaks down what the ACA may mean for investors in an exclusive Q-and-A.

Twenty-thirteen is drawing to a close, and that means it’s time for year-end awards. That includes BOMA’s TOBY Awards and AIA Arizona’s Design Excellence Awards. Flip ahead for photos and descriptions of this year’s finalists and be sure to visit on Nov. 3 (AIA) and Nov. 16 (TOBY) for a list of the winners and honorees.

Speaking of exceptional things, developers, contractors and architects have taken it upon themselves to preserve pre-existing structures through out Phoenix in creative adaptive re-use projects that keep popping up all over town — from turning an old church into a Taco Guild or a television studio into a wellness center.
We hope you’re looking forward to the new year as much as we are. We’re rolling out new products, new ways of sharing information with you and already have an arsenal of great in-depth stories we’re eager to share.
Enjoy the issue.


Amanda Ventura, Editor

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