Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties, one of the state’s leading residential real estate firms, has released its sales results from 2016.  The company completed $3.1 billion in sales in 2015, a 15 percent gain over the previous year.

“We had an incredible year, and attribute our continued success to a few key areas,” said Mark Stark, CEO. “Our sales executives’ strong commitment to education makes them the most informed real estate experts in the marketplace. The Berkshire Hathaway brand support has also been outstanding. Having the fourth most productive company on the planet backing you certainly has its advantages. Their reach domestically, as well as internationally, is simply unparalleled. These two items alone have helped our clients achieve their goals quicker, easier and with more clarity.”

Stark’s Americana Holdings franchise includes Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices operations in Nevada, Arizona and Southern California. Combined, the companies have 2,000 real estate sales executives and 25 offices. Americana Holdings is the largest independently owned Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices franchise in the world.

“Over the past year, we have continued to make significant gains in our representation of Nevada’s luxury homes,” said Stark. “This is particularly evident with luxury homes that have sales prices over $500,000, including ultra-luxury homes selling in the multimillions of dollars.” Stark said the firm has continued its increasing market share by attracting more clients from across the country and abroad.

“We also continue to invest in the most up-to-date technology that provides our sales executives an unparalleled level of service to market and sell their clients’ homes,” said Gordon Miles, president and COO. “Our technology and global marketing abilities have been particularly attractive to our Millennial real estate sales executives and clients.”

Berkshire Hathaways HomeServices Arizona Properties’ Top 10 Individual sales executives in 2015 were:

#1 – Linda Salkow, $27 million

#2 – Katie Dabe, $16.8 million

#3 – Olga Griffin, $14.9 million

#4 – Joan Pike, $16.2 million

#5 – Kathy Kallner, $10.2 million

#6 – Jeena Ronan, $10.7 million

#7 – Brian Kusmer, $10.7 million

#8 – Wojo Wojtowicz, $9.9 million

#9 – Linda Boatwright, $10 million

#10 – Kelly McLain, $8.9 million

The company’s Top 10 Teams for 2015 were:

#1 – The Power of 4, $76.7 million

#2 – Sterling Elite Properties Group, $47.8 million

#3 – Team Santistevan, $38.1 million

#4 – Alan Levanson Team, $31.6 million

#5 – Colleen Seymour & Associates, $30.4 million

#6 – The Chandler Ocotillo Group, $34.3 million

#7 – The Davis Driver Group, $26.8 million

#8 – FHG (Fine Homes Group) $25.9 million

#9 – The Murphy Team, $18 million

#10 – The Berrett Team, $21.6 million

Tricia Weichert, transaction accountant, was named Employee of the Year and Brook Casey was named Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties’ Rookie of the Year for 2015.

“We welcomed more than 200 new real estate sales executives to our company in 2015, and are looking forward to helping them build or continue to grow their businesses with our unique combination of marketing, coaching and training strategies,” said Stark.