Anita Verma-Lallian and Smita Patil Mehta, co-founders of Equity Land Group. 

June 3, 2021


Equity Land Group buys 3 West Valley parcels for  $10M

Equity Land Group, a Phoenix-based land investment and development company, recently closed on three separate properties for a combined purchase of $10 million, making this their largest raise to date. Including Equity Land Group’s first two land purchases, it has raised more than $15 million since 2020.

Equity Land Group purchased six acres located at Glendale Avenue and Loop 101. It then added in a ten acre plot located near the corner of Camelback Road and North Litchfield Road, as well as seven acres in Buckeye, off Miller Road and the I-10 Freeway.

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“We are seeing a huge spike in residential growth throughout the valley,” says Anita Verma-Lallian, co-founder of Equity Land Group. “That means there’s also a high demand for commercial properties to develop the amenities that this new housing will demand. We hope to continue to educate our investors on what is happening in the Phoenix area, and help them identify and invest in land.”

The Glendale property is in close proximity to State Farm Stadium and the Westgate Entertainment District. The original sellers rezoned and built infrastructure, which makes the property flexible for usage. There are plans for a luxury apartment complex on the adjacent property, as well as a mixed use property across the street.

The Litchfield Park parcel will be surrounded by about 15,000 residential homes in the general area. Since there aren’t any gas stations, grocery stores, medical offices, or other commercial buildings, the property fills the need for commercial use as the area continues to grow out. Matamay, the home developers building in the area, will also bring in some infrastructure.

Aside from the parcel of land off Miller, Equity Land Group is also in the process of purchasing an additional ten acres at the prime location of Miller Road and Durango Street. This purchase brings the combined total to about 17 acres in what is considered the most in demand area in Buckeye.

“Buckeye is an area we’ve heavily focused on over the past year,” says Smita Patil Mehta, co-founder of Equity Land Group. “We have seen a significant increase in demand from our investors, and with about 10,000 homes planned for the area within a five mile radius, now is the time for investors to diversify their portfolios with land.”

Both Verma-Lallian and Mehta are passionate about empowering women to invest and diversify their portfolios. They take the time to educate female investors about what is coming into the Phoenix area, which employers are expanding and how the value of the land has changed over the years.

“We break down the basics, the process of land acquisitions… how you find it, how you negotiate it, how you make sure it’s a good deal, how we handle the due diligence, and more,” says Verma-Lallian. “We are very transparent with exactly what we are doing so investors don’t go into a land deal blind, and so we can empower them to continue building wealth through land. We want women to feel powerful and independent by investing on their own.”

Equity Land Group is currently negotiating on several other parcels in the Valley with increasing interest from investors on the sites.

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