We have all seen the automated cars driving the streets in multiple East Valley cities, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn the streets and driving patterns, but can they drive customers to your projects and change our auto buying patterns?

Valley Partnership’s March Friday Morning Breakfast on Friday, March 16 will explore how autonomous cars impact commercial development.

Arizona’s commitment to staying on the leading edge of these technologies is challenging cities to consider how autonomous vehicles will impact traffic patterns, safety, parking, and how/when customers come to your business and travel from their residences.  Companies like RED Development are already working with Waymo/Google to bring the AI advantages to their commercial developments and see how they can benefit now and in the future.

Join Timothy Papandreou, Waymo Strategic Partnerships Manager, to discuss how Waymo’s fully self driving technology could be a catalyst for businesses and communities. RED Development’s Jeff Moloznik will share some of the ideas being developed to welcome in this technology and how the physical spaces of commercial developments might be impacted in the future.  And, Kini Knudson will offer insights as to what the City of Phoenix and the streets and transportation departments are looking at in terms of current regulations and future planning.  Co-moderators, Victor Irizarry and Bryan Maddock members of Gensler Phoenix Office thought leadership, will focus on connectivity and the evolving fabric of Phoenix.