Every year the Scottsdale 20/30 Club organizes the annual fundraiser for ‘Brokers for Kids’, an Olympiad event that makes up over 70 residential and commercial real estate teams. Valley brokerages come together at Scottsdale Stadium to compete against each other in a variety of fun sporting events such as bocce ball, basketball, corn hole, football toss, and some others over the years. This year is about to break fundraising records from all the support in the valley. 

The 2018 event Chairman, Kyle McMillian stated, “We have many teams back in 2018 (like SVN Desert Commercial Advisors) as well as roughly ten new teams.” The Olympiad event is divided across the field to compete against other brokerage teams. The residential brokerages make up 32 teams Benefiting Children. In total, the event expects near 700 people!  “Combined with a strong commercial real estate market, I am confident that we can set a new fundraising record in 2018,” said McMillian. “I’m very confident that we can meet and exceed last year’s number before the dust settles on Friday!” SVN Desert Commercial Advisors has participated in the event for years and is in the final week of fundraising efforts.  “We enjoy this time of year because we are able to help Boys Hope, Girls Hope and use this opportunity for team building and networking opportunities with CRE professionals,” said SVN’s Director of Marketing, Melissa Swader. 

The Scottsdale 20/30 Club, serving Arizona’s children in need has been instrumental in raising money for a dozen charities in the valley. SVN Desert Commercial had a dozen sponsors this year including banner sponsorships, Michael (Dino) Miserendo with Level 11 Design & Build, David Beer with Sun Valley Masonry, and Rick & Donna Richmond, owners/developers and SVN client at Crismon Gateway Village, a $28 million retail development in Mesa, Arizona. Other contributors to mention in our very own SVN network is Matt Stone with Stone Commercial in Lexington, Kentucky as well as, Michael Romley, the founder of Red Cup Living, Timothy McCloskey with Display Solutions Group, Jerame Pearson with Bank of the West, David Cox with Transamerica Agency Network, Aaron Barvitz with Southwestern Business Financing Corporation, Nicole Alexander with Alexandra Harlin, LLC all the way from Georgia, Shonna Smith with ‘Weddings by Shonna’ all the way from Indiana, Devon De Jesus with Waste Management, Joe McGovern with The McGovern Group, Environmental & Building Due Diligence, and Peter Kaufman with HomeSmart. SVN is very thankful to all their sponsors and contributors for this year’s event.  Every little bit counts in changing the lives of the children; helping academically capable and motivated children in need to meet their full potential. Over the last few months, students in the program spoke at every Captain’s meeting to share their stories about their school experiences at school such as Xavier, St. Mary’s, Brophy Prep, and more. Director of Marketing stated, “We are so humbled by the amount of sponsorship’s and donations we have received up to this point.  Sophia Hobley, our Marketing Assistant for SVN has been an influential part of the fundraising process.” Proceeds of the event will help support education all the way through college.

The Olympiad Event takes place this Friday, April 13th at Scottsdale Stadium. If there are companies that would still like to get in front of 700 real estate professionals, then contact SVN Desert Commercial Advisors today.  Help SVN make a difference! “I have so much gratitude for the local commercial real estate community that it is hard to put into words.  This whole process has been quite humbling,” said Chairman, Kyle McMillian Brokers for Kids 2018.