Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) and general contractor Caliente Construction, along with local dignitaries and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway leadership, broke ground on APS’ 25,000-square-foot headquarters and 40,000-square-foot Upset Prevention and Recovery Training facility Tuesday morning at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport anticipated to open in February 2021. 

“This is an exciting day for Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport,” said Brian O’Neill, executive director and CEO, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. “APS has been a long-term tenant, we think there’s a big need for additional space on the airport, we are committed to making them successful and we’re looking forward to getting this project underway.”

Located on a 4.5-acre premium lot at the north end of the airfield at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, the new facility will allow APS to serve more pilots and promote safety for aviation in Arizona and globally through serving those who travel to Arizona for training including pilots and flight department representatives from high profile corporations, airlines and other organizations. 

“This is an amazing opportunity, I’d invite you to look around at what a strategic location this is,” said Mesa Mayor John Giles. “I’m excited that we are bringing this piece of property online at the airport, it’s going to be a tremendous contribution to the airport, not just with APS’ world headquarters here, but also the other businesses that are going to be located here, that’s going to be a significant impact to our economy, your continued growth here is a very welcome addition. Thank you for your commitment to Gateway Airport and to Mesa, I assure you we are equally committed to your success and will continue to do everything we can to facilitate your growth.”

Aviation Performance Solutions and general contractor Caliente Construction broke ground on APS’ 25,000-square-foot headquarters and 40,000-square-foot Upset Prevention and Recovery Training facility Tuesday morning at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport slated to open February 2021. (Photo by Alyssa Tufts, AZ Big Media)

APS specializes in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). This training gives pilots advanced skills to overcome the No. 1 cause of aviation-related fatalities: loss of control in-flight. APS serves two of the major US legacy airlines as well as global airlines, military and government organizations, corporations, flight schools and individual pilots. 

“APS is in the business of helping pilots bring everyone home safely,” said Paul BJ Ransbury, CEO of APS. “Loss of control in flight is the single largest factor that represents almost 50 percent of loss of life in aviation. The only way we can do the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training are the passionate men and women of APS who have committed themselves to helping people to be safer and the pilots who come through our program to be effective and understand what their limitations are to be able to save lives each and every day they’re flying.” 

Some features of the new upset training facilities in addition to the expansive hangar additions include operational training areas with expanded classrooms, briefing rooms, flight simulation, integrated multi-media technologies, indoor/outdoor lounge and deck areas for customers, and expanded centralized business areas for APS’s growing team of experts.  

“We’re really excited about this to support the economy with job creation, we’re committed to being a long term tenant, both in the attraction of this area for bringing in a diversity of different way of training in aviation to really support safety in aviation across the board,” Ransbury said. “So with everybody’s help on this exciting development, with APS being the headquarters of numerous branches, both administratively and technically, we really have an opportunity to save people’s lives and save thousands of needless deaths around and world and this development is part of that.”