The ultra-wealthy are heading West.

Luxury real estate buyers and investors have set their sights on Arizona and a new real kind of real estate firm has launched to serve their needs. Robert Altshuler is a former wealth manager and real estate attorney and the founder of Valley Luxury Partners, exclusively representing high-net-worth property owners.

As one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the United States, the Phoenix-metropolitan area includes the tony enclaves of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale which have seen skyrocketing demand for homes over $1M over the last 18 months. Altshuler’s private client agent team merges investment expertise with luxury market insights to deliver a heightened level of expertise to the purchase and sale of ultra-luxury properties.

“The Arizona luxury market has been steadily growing and the rapid influx of sophisticated buyers from out-of-state, especially California, has made it an ideal seller’s market,” said Robert Altshuler, licensed agent and Founder of Valley Luxury Partners. As a former wealth manager, Altshuler is uniquely positioned to serve high net-worth clients looking to strategically grow their real estate portfolio.

“Your home is one of your most valuable assets,” Altshuler said. “Valley Luxury Partners approaches the purchase and sale of real estate property with a portfolio-minded approach.” 

A changing buyer profile is also shifting Arizona’s luxury market in favor of ultra-luxury sellers. “We are seeing a surge in luxury homeowners with very specific tastes,” Altshuler said. “From art collectors seeking architecturally-significant homes with gallery-like space, to car collectors looking for homes designed to store and display rare and extensive collections to high-net-worth property owners looking to downsize due to lifestyle changes.” 

“We are in the midst of a generational shift in Arizona’s luxury consumer as well as a rapidly growing luxury market that is attracting buyers from major US luxury markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York as well as global luxury buyers from Mexico and China,” he said.

“Clients who raised their families in Paradise Valley or Scottsdale find they no longer need a large home after their children have grown up. Many of these homeowners already own second and third homes and opt to sell their multi-million dollar mansions with extensive acreage for lower maintenance luxury homes or they wish to retire, travel or pursue other interests,” Altshuler explains.

“These homes are of particular interest to our out-of-market luxury investors who find the relaxed lifestyle and understated brand of Arizona luxury extremely appealing in addition to the value proposition of Arizona real estate and tax benefits,” he said.

Offering a cadre of concierge-level services unlike typical real estate firms, Valley Luxury Partners sets itself apart from the competition.

Valley Luxury Partners is affiliated with RMB Luxury Real Estate and its broker, RMB Realty LLC.   Michael Banovac is the Managing Partner of RMB Luxury and a licensed agent with Valley Luxury Partners.  The combined firms will offer concierge-level services to real estate buyers and sellers, including all facets of design, staging, construction expertise and the potential for financing staging and property improvements.

“Valley Luxury Partners is positioned to offer full-service real estate solutions to the local luxury market in a way that many traditional firms are not able to achieve,” Altshuler said. “Valley Luxury Partners works closely with luxury clients at every milestone to reach their lifestyle goals,” he said.

The company is accepting new clients on a referral basis.

 For more information about Valley Luxury Partners visit or call 480-734-2455.