LGE Design Build has completed construction on the new corporate office of Arizona Outback Adventures at 17465 N. 93rd St., Scottsdale. The $1.7 million, 12,550 square foot office space and warehouse sits on a 43,736 square foot site and features spacious, natural aesthetics and functional amenities that allow Arizona Outback Adventures to host its signature single and multi-day cycling, hiking and backpacking tours. 

The new structure is Arizona Outback Adventures’ first office space designed specifically for the company’s needs. Exterior glass allows natural light to flood in from the surrounding desert landscape while large interior windows allow employees to better connect and communicate. Elements like wood beams and exposed concrete echo the natural beauty featured in the company’s tours. 

LGE Design Build incorporated custom features to tailor to Arizona Outback Adventures’ needs, including an enclosed bike wash station, a large commercial-grade kitchen for preparing three-course meals served on adventure trips, men’s and women’s showers, retail space for bike rentals and sales, a multi-level warehouse and more. The new space is a welcome change of pace for Arizona Outback Adventures, which previously worked out of three separate leased units in North Scottsdale. 

“LGE Design Build struck the right balance of professionalism, attention to detail and flexibility during the planning process and construction execution,” said Seth Heald, President and CEO at Arizona Outback Adventures. “We could not be happier with our new home, which will allow our business to continue thriving in the Arizona, Utah, California and Colorado adventure markets.”

The design build team on this project includes general contractor LGE Design Build, architect and lead designer James Elson Architect, project manager and LGE Design Build Vice President of Construction Frank Pettit, civil engineer Montgomery Engineering, structural engineer PK Associates, M/P engineer BC Engineering and electrical engineer United Design Electrical Group.

For more information about LGE Design Build and its upcoming projects, visit LGEDesignBuild.com. For more information about Arizona Outback Adventures, visit aoa-adventures.com.