January 18, 2023

AZ Business Magazine

Neonatal expansion project starts at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus

Construction is now underway on an 8,500 sq. ft. expansion at Abrazo Arrowhead Campus for the hospital’s neonatal unit for preterm babies. The new rooms will be adjacent to Abrazo Arrowhead’s existing Level IIIA perinatal care center, which continues to be open for patient care during construction.

The multimillion dollar addition will increase unit’s size from 21 to 35 beds, and support enhanced capabilities to pursue certification as a higher Level IIIB Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for more complex maternal and neonatal medical conditions, obstetric and fetal complications. The project is expected to be completed later this year. 

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Abrazo Arrowhead Campus is one of the Valley’s leading destinations for maternity care. More than 3000 babies, including high order multiple births like triplets, are born every year at Abrazo Arrowhead.

“With this strategic expansion, Abrazo Arrowhead Campus will be able to serve more families and keep moms and babies together in their community,” said Dr. Amit Agrawal, medical director of Neonatology.

The expansion will allow our providers and caregivers to offer an even higher level and care for babies of all gestational ages after the new unit is certified by the state,” explained Abrazo Arrowhead Campus CEO Stephen Garner. 

“Abrazo Arrowhead provides outstanding care for high-risk mothers, and this significant investment will continue to advance the hospital’s ability to deliver excellent quality care and outcomes for our patients,” added Dr. Ravi Gunatilake, the hospital’s medical director of Maternal Fetal Medicine, emphasized.

Abrazo Arrowhead is already certified to care for premature infants as young as 28 weeks gestation. Pursuit of the Level IIIB NICU certification means the hospital will be capable of providing complex care for babies of any gestational age, explained Chief Nursing Officer Julie Bowman, MSN, BSN, RN.

“We are extremely proud of the high quality care our existing clinical staff and community OB/GYNs provide, as well as around-the-clock coverage with neonatal specialists, laborists and an OB emergency department,” said Bowman. “We are pleased to be adding more physician subspecialty coverage and capabilities to enhance the care we provide for expectant families.”

The hospital continues to enhance its clinical services in addition to women’s and infants care, including in heart and vascular, orthopedics, general surgery and more, added Garner.

“The future of Abrazo Arrowhead Campus is bright and I am proud of our hospital’s commitment to increasing access to high quality, specialty care closer to home for our Northwest Valley community.”

For more information about Abrazo Arrowhead Campus, visit AbrazoHealth.com.