The Sonoqui Wash Channelization Phase 2 project, a regional flood control channel located in Maricopa County, recently received an Honor Award in the annual Engineering Excellence Awards competition sponsored by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Arizona (ACEC).  The project was designed by Stanley Consultants, a consulting engineering firm located in Phoenix.

“This project is a key element in the regional flood control plan for Maricopa County and the Town of Queen Creek.  It reduces the floodplain limit and removes residential properties from the floodplain,” said Tim Phillips, Chief Engineer and General Manager of the Flood Control District of Maricopa County.  “And along with its primary flood control objective, the project also helps link adjacent communities, provides a recreational and open space amenity, and connects residents to local and regional trails and parks.”

Stanley Consultants also designed the downstream initial phase of the Sonoqui Wash Channelization Project (Phase 1), which was completed in 2008.  That project also received an Engineering Excellence Honor Award from ACEC. Together, the two phases protect over 150 homes from flooding and provide open space and seven miles of equestrian trails.  Phases 1 and 2 also provide an outfall for another upstream phase of the channel project (Phase 3) which will remove hundreds more residential properties from the floodplain.

Stanley Consultants has a long history of design and construction management on major flood control and water resources projects in the United States and internationally.  In addition to Maricopa County, the firm has designed regional channels and basins for the Clark County Regional Flood Control District in Las Vegas, post- Hurricane Katrina levees and pump stations in New Orleans for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, numerous locks and dams in the mid-west, and large regional facilities for the South Florida Water Management District.