Sundt employee-owners honored for new technology

Real Estate | 19 Oct, 2018 |

Sundt Construction, Inc. employee-owners Eric Cylwik and Ryan Haines were honored as finalists for the Autodesk Innovation Award at the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Centennial Celebration. The two won third place for their civil construction toolkit (CTK) technology at the ceremony last week in Washington, D.C.

 “We’re honored to be recognized for this technology,” said Eric Cylwik, Senior Virtual Construction Engineer. “It’s just a part of what we do at Sundt. We’re builders. And by virtue of that fact, we’re innovators.”

The technology began as a response to larger inefficiencies in civil construction, especially for estimators performing Quantity Take-offs (detailed calculations of materials and labor). The CTK supports parametric modeling: in the absence of a 3D design model, a CTK user can take multiple numbers from construction documents and convert them into 3D models, with a few mouse clicks. These models can then be quantified to cover all estimating needs, including sequencing and phasing of a project, and provide visualization for design, in a matter of hours instead of weeks. The same models can even be used for automated machine guidance (AMG) by heavy equipment operators in the field.

Cylwik and Haines, a virtual construction app developer at Sundt, were previously recognized in 2017 with Sundt’s Going Beyond the Expected award for their development of the CTK. Both employee-owners are excited about the immense benefits the industry at large stands to gain from their new technology.

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