Light Networks, LLC and Cresa recently announced the formation of a strategic partnership to serve real estate clients. The service platform will provide value through communications, colocation and cloud-based technology solutions.

Through the strategic partnership, the companies will deliver innovative, timely and cost-effective solutions for the selection, design and implementation of phone, Internet and cloud-based technologies for clients, especially those who are relocating.

Recognized as a subject matter expert in telecommunications and cloud-based communications, Light Networks delivers integrated, managed solutions that utilize a variety of communications products sourced from multiple telecommunications providers.

Known for its success on behalf of real estate occupiers, Cresa’s C3 service line helps each client evaluate properties for telecom availability and recommends, negotiates and coordinates phone and Internet services through an unbiased review of vendors.

“We are excited about this partnership with Light Networks because it allows us to expand our services to clients in a challenging field,” said Jason Jones, Principal, Cresa. “Offering expertise in telecommunications and the Internet is critical to every client. Our partnership sets Cresa apart in the marketplace, allows us to differentiate our service and reach a higher level of client retention. Based on Light Networks’ commitment and their expertise demonstrated in the enterprise communications space, we are confident in their ability to deliver solutions to our clients.”