Valley Partnership, the Valley of the Sun’s premier advocacy group for responsible development, has successfully completed its 2019 community project at New Pathways For Youth in Downtown Phoenix. 

The community project event took place on Saturday, Nov. 2 at New Pathways For Youth’s recently purchased building. Community leaders and members from the real estate and developmental communities and local politicians came together for a day of service. More than 275+ volunteers painted a giant mural, planted plants, built patio furniture and beautified the space within just a few hours. Valley Partnership was able to raise over $80,000 in goods, services and monetary donations for this project.

“Giving back to New Pathways For Youth was such a reward for us, in more ways than one,” said Cheryl Lombard, president and CEO of Valley Partnership. “We were able to give them a beautiful communal patio space to utilize, but more importantly we were able to bring the opportunity of mentorship by exposing our members to the organization and encouraging mentorship.”

New Pathways For Youth was selected as this year’s project recipient to take the usual project a step further and give in more than just a developmental way. As New Pathways For Youth is a mentorship-based program, Valley Partnership’s goal was to bring awareness of the program to its members and the development community and encourage mentorship.

“We are so grateful for all that Valley Partnership has given us through this year’s community project,” said Christy McClendon, president and CEO of New Pathways For Youth. “The building improvements they have provided us with, as well as all of the inquiries that poured in to become a mentor, will help us make an impact on the lives of children who need it the most.”

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