Scottsdale-based Deco Communities has opened its sixth Cabana Modern Apartment Homes complex bringing its brand of hip, modern and affordable rental units to the heart of North Central Phoenix’s eclectic 7th Street neighborhood. Cabana on Seventh offers 74 stylishly renovated units offering urban-influenced living spaces designed for Gen Y renters.

Located at 5615 N. 7th Street in Phoenix, across the street from the FOX Restaurant Concepts hip hangout “The Yard” housing Culinary Dropout, Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend and Lola Coffee, Cabana on Seventh is located at the heart of one of the hottest up and coming neighborhoods in North Central Phoenix.

“The 7th Street corridor is one of the most vibrant areas of Phoenix and we are thrilled to be part of the transformation of the area that is making it a residential destination and giving the neighborhood a unique identity that fuses its historic roots with trendy hangouts and amenities,” said Rob Lyles partner for Deco Communities.

Since inception, a number of city officials, including numerous police departments and neighborhood activism groups have lauded Deco Communities and the Cabana brand for their active role in gentrifying key neighborhoods, reducing crime and turning ‘eyesores into icons.’

With five properties spread across the Valley’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods plus one in Las Vegas, the Cabana Modern Apartment Homes brand has effectively created an entirely new multi-housing niche for hip, modern and affordable reincarnations of infill properties. Other developers have followed suit, using the Cabana model to revitalize infill properties around the state and across the US.

Mayor Hugh Hallman, a champion for the revitalization of the City of Tempe honored the Cabana brand for its role in revitalizing the area bordering Tempe’s historic Borden Neighborhood.

“That kind of redevelopment role, to take an eyesore and turn it into a very modern, hip and safe place to live increases the value of the entire community, Mayor Hallman said. “The investment that Deco is making in our communities is not only is improving our neighborhoods, the company is providing an affordable option for people who want to live in key areas of the city,” he said.

Now, the first round of hip Phoenix urbanites are ready to move into the new Cabana on Seventh and experience the Cabana lifestyle and the cool neighborhood right at their front door. After a $300,000 transformation, the  property now boasts a hotel-style leasing center, new fitness center, vintage inspired laundry facilities known as “Sudzy’s” that send a text message to the user when laundry is complete, WIFI access, and new pool areas with BBQs, social ramada, chic lounge furniture and designer amenities throughout.

The Cabana brand is known for bringing a fresh, style-conscious and ecofriendly rental alternative to the boring beige apartment complexes of yesteryear. The firm eyes structures “with good bones” that would be otherwise torn down and rehabilitates them into chic living spaces that appeals to young, urban professionals.
In addition to its careful consideration of style and value, Deco Communities aspires to make its properties as sustainable as possible. As with all its renovations, the construction of Cabana on Seventh utilized reusable building materials giving new life to the property from the inside out.