Desert Commercial Advisors recently donated medical supplies for nursing students from Chamberlain College of Nursing’s Phoenix campus, to take with them to the Philippines in January.

Fifteen nurses from Chamberlain College of Nursing will be bringing their own suitcases full of medical supplies on a Global Health Education Program trip. Four students will be going to the Philippines from the Chamberlain Phoenix Campus. The SVN Brokerage donated two suitcases worth of supplies.

Each student going on the trip has to be able to carry the suitcase around with them during the trip.

“To kick off our fundraising efforts in 2017, we have been collecting medical aid items for small villages in the Philippines,” said Melissa Swader, the director of Marketing & Administration.

The Global Health Educational Program has facilitated various nursing programs across the world in an effort to provide medical aid to adults and children.

Medical supplies donated by SVN include ibuprofen, cotton balls, antibiotic ointment, surgical masks, peroxide and more.

Next year, nursing students from The Chamberlain College of Nursing will be participating in several trips over the next several months to the Philippines, Haiti (two trips), Kenya (two trips) and Brazil to provide medical relief to villages all across the world.

SVN works with many nonprofit efforts throughout the year, and it will be working on the Brokers for Kids Olympiad next.