The real estate industry is competitive, so real estate brokers must focus their attention on developing ways to attract more business. Digital marketing is the key to drawing in clients in today’s world, so read on to find some tips for how to get started.

Enlist Some Help

Unless they have in-depth knowledge of both technology and marketing, the first step real estate brokers should take is to find a qualified digital marketing agency that can help. Agencies like Third Angle Advertising work with clients to develop plans tailored to their unique audiences and needs. They’ve got the knowledge and skills required to tell what works and what doesn’t, and some have specialized experience working with clients in the real estate industry.

Use Social Media

Around 77% of people in the United States have at least one social media account. Real estate brokers can take advantage of the still-growing popularity of online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube by creating accounts and posting frequently. They shouldn’t use social media exclusively as a platform for advertising, though. Share plenty of informative, industry-related articles and find ways to connect with audiences directly to improve their images and build trust.

Incorporate Visuals

Share plenty of images, videos, and infographics, not just on the company’s website, but also in its blogs and social media posts. Visuals are a great way to connect with current and prospective buyers since they say far more about a property than text alone. Those who want to go one step further can also include video tours of popular properties on their websites to garner even more attention.

Leverage Market Research

Digital marketing is all about creating the right message and getting it to the right people at the right time. This requires some keyword research. Find out how prospective buyers and sellers are searching for real estate agents in the area by looking at online search trends. This helps brokers focus their SEO and other digital marketing practices on keywords that provide the best results.

Cultivate a Positive Reputation Through Online Reviews

Reviews matter. They matter almost as much as word-of-mouth recommendations. Even those who have gotten recommendations for real estate companies from family members or friends will head online to do some cursory research before trusting its agents to facilitate a sale or help them find the right properties. If they find plenty of positive reviews, they’ll be more likely to move forward.

Don’t have much of an online presence when it comes to reviews? There are plenty of ways to fix this problem. Gently encourage every satisfied client or customer to leave reviews by sending follow-up emails, or offer access to exclusive content for leaving reviews on Google+, Facebook, Yelp, and other popular third-party review sites.

Go Local

Real estate companies are local entities almost by default, so they should focus their attention primarily on local SEO. Add listings to every available directory and claim the company on Google My Business. It can also help to advertise local events and getting involved in the community on social media and other websites.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is a complex field. This is just as true for real estate companies and individual brokers as it is in any other industry. The best way to come up with an effective digital marketing campaign is to hire professionals who can help, but brokers should still pay attention to their personal and professional online reputations.