Kasten Long Commercial Group (KLCG) has partnered with the Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA) and WESTMARC to host an in-depth commercial and residential real estate outlook event on August 30 at Grand Canyon University (GCU).

The real estate outlook will highlight what’s currently happening and future projections in the West Valley and the anticipated huge upside in real estate values.  

Instead of just one keynote speaker, there will be four individuals that are shaping the future.  These include:

• Brian Mueller, President of GCU

• Warren Fink, COO The Carlyle Development Group (repositioning MetroCenter)

• Sintra Hoffman, President and CEO WESTMARC

• Christine Mackay, Director of Economic Development – City of Phoenix. 

What if the West Valley was about to explode economically and What If you knew this now?  WESTMARC has taken over the entire West Valley (I-17 and west) and now represents all cities, economic development groups and educational entities with the goal to attract business and development plus enhance educational facilities.  WESTMARC’s recent studies show that the West Valley has everything needed to compete with other Valley cities for new companies to relocate.  In addition, with WESTMARC at the helm, the West Valley now has one consolidated and very focused coalition with strong demographics in-hand to significantly promote the entire area.

This event will be sold out, so register now.  If interested, click here for event flyer and registration link.