Phoenix Children’s Hospital recently received a donation that is bringing entertainment options and more smiles to patients of all ages. A $52,000 donation from Ensemble Real Estate Solutions, a Phoenix-based full-service healthcare real estate firm, provided an update to the Hospital’s CATV network. This upgrade allows for high definition content being delivered directly to the patient rooms, including 12 new channels being broadcast to children’s rooms in the Hospital’s new tower. It’s also enabling Child Life to broadcast live television from the Child Life Zone studio, directly into sick kids’ rooms and waiting areas.

With video games, movies, arts and crafts and air hockey, the Child Life Zone is a place where patients go to hang out and just be kids. Now, with help from Ensemble, the Child Life Zone has an even greater reach, as patients who can’t leave their rooms can still be part of the fun and excitement by watching high definition TV in their rooms. This technology helps keep patients distracted with fun activities while going through the healing process.

As of April 16, the Child Life Zone is now “live” with interactive games and concerts. On the go-live date, CCTV Medical BINGO was broadcast live for the first time from the Zone to patients in the playrooms and in their hospital rooms. If a patient in their room wins at Medical BINGO, a Child Life Specialist will bring a prize to the patient’s room. Ensemble managing director, Randy McGrane, was on hand to deliver prizes during Medical BINGO last week.

“Ensemble has been a valued business partner with Phoenix Children’s Hospital for many years, while also being a generous supporter of the hospital through many philanthropic donations,” said Steve Schnall, the Hospital’s Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer. “We are so thankful to Ensemble for their ongoing support and are grateful for their generosity.”

The recent donation was a direct result of unused contingency funds set aside for Ensemble’s development of the Phoenix Children’s Southwest Valley Center, a specialty and urgent care center, completed last year. The $14.7 million Avondale clinic features 27 patient rooms, two treatment rooms, X-Ray, ultrasound, three infusion bays and on-site lab services.

“We’re proud of our work with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the 35,355 square feet developed on their behalf for the Phoenix Children’s Southwest Valley Center. This particular donation was rewarding because it embodied Ensemble’s philosophy of working together. The entire Southwest Center development team worked together to bring the project in under budget because they knew excess funds would go to PCH and we all love this Hospital. Today, to see the tangible impact is particularly gratifying. It’s bringing joy and smiles to patients and their families,” said McGrane. “Seeing the kids’ faces as they play Medical BINGO and watch high definition TV is a rewarding investment for sure!”