August 18, 2022

Adam Webster

Getting quality leads in real estate is easy with these 7 tips

Getting potential clients for your real estate business is not an easy task. You have to know in detail who your ideal client is and what the best channel to reach them is.

There are many ways to reach potential buyers, and the internet has also helped make this process much more accessible for all types of companies in the real estate sector.

By using digital channels, you can get the number of potential clients that your agency needs to close the sale of a home. But it is not enough just to be present on those channels by having a web page or an Instagram profile, you need to execute an effective marketing strategy.

Here we give you several useful tips, ideas, and actions to get quality leads in real estate:

1. Optimize your website and add pop-ups to convert:

Your real estate website is the cornerstone of your business. It is essential if you want your agency to be successful and be present in the search results for potential clients. In addition, unlike third-party real estate portals, on your website, you have control of the users that visit your pages at all times.

Once your website is live and receiving traffic, you need to take the next step and apply conversion optimization actions. You can use built-in forms or pop-ups to easily capture user data before they leave your page.

You can use them both to get clients interested in specific properties and to attract subscribers to your newsletter that you can then gradually nurture with email marketing.

2. Add content marketing to your strategy:

The internet is full of real estate ads and websites. So, the best way to reach your potential customers is to give them something of value in exchange for their data. Content marketing comes into play.

By creating quality and valuable content for your target audience such as infographics, tutorials, articles, eBooks, etc, you will be able to position yourself within their minds while obtaining their contact information for future deals.

Start writing articles for your blog where you offer advice on buying/selling homes, the different neighborhoods, mortgages, etc. Think about the questions that your buyers often ask and solve them in your content.

3. Email Marketing:

Email marketing should be another one of the fundamental pillars of your digital marketing strategy. Sending email campaigns to your contacts helps you to unite ties between clients and real estate.

As much as you have traffic on your website or followers on your social networks, you will have nothing if you do not have the contact details of the users in your databases. Email marketing is the next step after optimizing your website with forms to capture potential leads.

And we are not just talking about sending promotional content by email, but about creating newsletters and email marketing campaigns that combine educational content and advice, with the latest news or offers available.

Not only will it allow you to have an incentive to get more potential customers safely and legally in compliance with the RGPD and other laws, but email marketing software can also help you segment your subscribers into different lists depending on their interests, the area in which they live or other relevant data to help you make them only receive content relevant to them and thus improve your conversion rates.

Doing email marketing is effective and accessible for all types of real estate agencies. There are several tools available on the internet that offer plans to start from scratch that will be adapted to the needs of your business growth. Also, you can use Nuwber to find all the contact info of your potential customers to create your own client database.

4. Social media strategy:

Social networks are used more and more every day. You have to think of them as an opportunity for your real estate, as from them you can get visibility and traffic to your website.

The focus on your social networks should be on positioning your brand in the long term. As with your email marketing and your blog, you must offer valuable content to users so that they relate to you on social channels.

In addition, you can complement your actions with paid campaigns, for example on Facebook Ads, and make your promotions or content reach a much larger audience in a segmented and controlled manner.

Create a strategy, test different options, and see what works for you best.

5. Paid advertising on Google:

Paid advertising on Google Ads is similar to paying on third-party real estate portals. You can use Google to get quality leads and then use email marketing to finish converting them. For example, you can create a search campaign for specific keywords in your area: “houses with a terrace in New York”, “apartments with 3 bedrooms in Seattle”, etc.

6. Include videos in your strategy:

Real estate agents who use video in their strategy increase their income 49% faster according to KPCB. Marketing videos are a perfect way to grab the attention of more potential customers. Buyers want to see the homes in real-time and in good quality, and a video can help them skip the step of requesting information on your website, for example.

Some types of videos that you can use in your real estate are virtual visits to houses, purchase advice, characteristics of different neighborhoods, and so on.

7. Start requesting reviews:

Surely you have also sought opinions about a service before hiring it. Well, potential buyers do the same when they look for a real estate agency.

You have to develop a strategy so that your satisfied customers share their positive opinion on Google and other portals. For example, creating an email marketing campaign that is sent automatically after completing the purchase/sale process. Good reviews will give you the push you need to attract new clients.

Remember that all these tips and actions that we recommend are complementary to each other and can all be part of the marketing strategy of your real estate.

We already know: if you are not present on the internet, you do not exist. You have to bear in mind that the importance of online marketing in real estate agencies goes far beyond having a good website or running a timely payment campaign, you need to use different tools to connect with potential clients and position your company in the minds of consumers.