Ed Perez

September 15, 2014


Gould Evans hires three staff members

Multi-disciplinary design firm Gould Evans’ Phoenix studio has added key staff members in three of its specialty areas: architecture, interiors and graphics.

Since 2007, Gould Evans has worked to build an integrative design staff that is focused on assisting clients in solving complex design problems across markets. These new Gould Evans associates help “connect the dots” between design disciplines, allowing Gould Evans to offer the integrated, branded environments that clients are demanding.

“Our studio is built on the idea of applying multiple perspectives to design, resulting in a richer, more nuanced outcome,” said Krista Shepherd, principal at Gould Evans. “Who we hire is an expression of who we are, and what we believe in.  We are excited to expand our studio equally in the three areas of our design focus.  This integration of design is what our clients want, and have come to expect from us.”

The new hires are:

Liz Gaston
Liz Gaston

Eduardo Perez, architect, joins Gould Evans as a senior associate.  As an architect, Perez brings a passion for design balanced with deep understanding of technology, cost, specifications, and building science. He provides clients with a nuanced, strategic, and comprehensive view of a project and its possibilities.

Elisabeth Gaston joins Gould Evans as a graphic designer. In addition to her graphic design skills, Gaston brings knowledge of 3D experiential design involving spaces and interactive elements.

Tyler Lange
Tyler Lange

Tyler Lange joins Gould Evans as a seasoned interior designer, experienced in all aspects of Project Management. Lange prides himself on his problem solving, and in tirelessly working with his clients in order to bring their visions to reality.

“Liz and Tyler bring strong design sensibility coupled with an ability to think three-dimensionally and create designs that directly impact the user,” said Amanda Harper, director of Canary, Gould Evan’s graphic design studio.  “We’re excited to see what they will bring to the table.”

Gould Evans recently began work on a major renovation of the Arizona State University Stadium in Tempe.  The firm’s environmental branding and interiors group, Canary, works nationwide for restaurant, retail, and non-profit organizations.