A new study has revealed that Massachusetts and New Hampshire are the states where homes sell the fastest, making them the easiest states to sell your home.

The study conducted by real estate experts at Agent Advice analyzed historical realtor data for the average amount of time homes in the U.S. are on the market for in each state to establish where it may be easiest to sell your home. 

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Massachusetts and New Hampshire share the top spot, with homes in each state taking an average of 32 days to sell from when it’s listed. 

In second place is Washington, with homes being sold in the state typically after 33 days. Tennessee, which ranks as the third easiest state to sell your home, takes an average of 33.5 days to complete a sale. 

The state where homes are sold the fourth fastest rate is Colorado, taking an average of 34 days, whereas Arizona and Rhode Island take 35.5 days on average to get taken off the market, putting the states in joint fifth in the ranking.  

In sixth position is Nevada, where it takes an average of 36 days for a house to sell, with Virginia and California following closely behind, where selling homes take an average of 36.5 days, putting them in joint seventh.   

Maryland takes eighth position, with homes being swept off the market after 37 days, ahead of Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio, all ranking ninth respectively, taking an average of 38 days to sell. 

The joint tenth easiest states to sell your homes are New Jersey, Georgia and Oregon, where houses take 38.5 days on average to get taken off the market. 

New York is the hardest state for selling a home, taking an average of 61.5 days to complete a sale, taking almost twice as long to sell a home here compared to Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  

Montana is the second slowest state to be in for selling a home, taking an average of 59.5 days to complete a sale, followed by West Virginia, taking 56 days, Mississippi homes taking 55.5 days, and Louisiana completing sales after an average of 55 days.   

Chris Heller, co-founder of Agent Advice commented on the findings:  “If you are looking to sell your home, there are many things to consider that might help you get a sale sooner, like opting to sell your home in the Spring or Summer months over Winter as well as taking your time to do thorough research regarding how many other homes in your area are on the market and at what prices.  

A look at the numbers

Here’s a look at each state and thea average number of days on the market before a home sells:

Alabama: 42 

Alaska: 49.5 

Arizona: 35.5 

Arkansas: 49 

California: 36.5 

Colorado: 34

Connecticut : 39.5 

Delaware: 46.5 

Florida: 41 

Georgia: 38.5 

Hawaii: 51 

Idaho: 42 

Illinois: 40 

Indiana: 38 

Iowa: 50 

Kansas: 47.5 

Kentucky: 45.5 

Louisiana: 55 

Maine: 46.5 

Maryland: 37 

Massachusetts: 32 

Michigan: 40 

Minnesota: 38 

Mississippi: 55.5 

Missouri: 45 

Montana: 59.5 

Nebraska: 42 

Nevada: 36 

New Hampshire: 32 

New Jersey: 38.5 

New Mexico: 53 

New York: 61.5 

North Carolina: 41 

North Dakota: 51 

Ohio: 38 

Oklahoma: 48 

Oregon: 38.5 

Pennsylvania: 47.5 

Rhode Island: 35.5 

South Carolina: 40 

South Dakota: 39 

Tennessee: 33.5 

Texas: 39.5 

Utah: 39.5 

Vermont: 54 

Virginia: 36.5 

Washington: 33 

West Virginia: 56 

Wisconsin: 40 

Wyoming: 49.5

Though the average time for a home to sell in America is 43 days, it is fascinating to see which states are selling homes with ease and which states are taking longer to get houses on the market swept up.“