Passed on November 15, 2021, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has ushered in a wave of funding into the state, with funds allocated towards enhancing roadway safety, strengthening electric vehicle infrastructure, and improving school transportation systems, among other projects. As a result, Arizona’s poised to experience tangible improvements in its infrastructure network, fostering economic growth, enhancing public safety, and promoting sustainable development across the state.

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Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and Yuma International Airport

$36 million will be invested in Phoenix Sky Harbor and $950,000 will be invested in Yuma International Airport through the Arizona Terminal Program. The $36 million grant will replace equipment used for cooling Terminal 4’s main building, eight concourses and connector bridges, among other crucial modernization projects at Phoenix Sky Harbor. The $950,000 grant will be used to strengthen security by upgrading and replacing security cameras, access readers, fiber optics, data switches, and hardware at Yuma International Airport.

Clean Water Infrastructure Improvements

A historic $111.8 million will be invested in Arizona drinking water and clean water infrastructure improvements. $40.4 million of that investment will be used to treat well water, eliminating harmful contaminants such as PFAS to ensure safe, reliable water for the community of Tucson. $70 million of the investment will be used to enhance the quality of water and $1.43 million will be used to address emerging contaminants.

Three-Lane Expansion of I-10 Between Phoenix and Tucson

An investment of $95 million will address the final 26 miles of Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson, expanding the freeway from two-lanes to three-lanes. This transformative project aims to enhance efficiency, alleviate traffic congestion, and bolster safety while generating employment opportunities and fostering economic growth along this vital transportation corridor.

Strengthening Arizona’s Electric Vehicle Charging Network

A $12.8 million investment will set a significant boost in Arizona’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The funding, allocated through the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program, will support projects in Mesa, Cochise County, and the San Carlos Apache Tribe. In Mesa, $11.8 million will go towards expanding electric vehicle charging access, emphasizing equity by targeting disadvantaged communities. Cochise County will receive $500,000 to install solar-powered EV chargers in key locations, promoting equity and accommodating increased traffic. Similarly, the San Carlos Apache Tribe will benefit from $500,000 to establish EV charging stations, fostering economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Clean School Buses

A substantial $40 million investment from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act aims to enhance the state’s school transportation and infrastructure. The Clean School Bus Awards initiative will distribute 114 electric buses to 23 school districts across Arizona, along with seven propane buses allocated to two districts in Pinetop-Lakes and Yuma.