November 18, 2013

Amanda Ventura

After Hours: Cliff Paul

Knowing more about the people we work with is the fun side of the business. It helps start conversations and strengthens business relationships.

Cliff Paul

Principal, PK Associates, LLC, Consulting Structural Engineers, Scottsdale

Time with PKA: 21 years

Born: Buffalo, N.Y.

Raised: Boulder, Colo.

Education: Studied Architectural and Structural Engineering at University of Colorado

Wife: Sherry Engle

Family: Six children and stepchildren, between the ages of 32 and 27


Sports/teams: Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns and Colorado Rockies

Music: All kinds — pop, lounge, Kaskade

Destinations traveled to: Helicopter skiing in British Columbia, Aspen, Barcelona and the Caribbean

Destinations on bucket list: Australia, New Zealand, Santorini, Paris, China, London and Belize

Activities: Snow skiing, mountain biking, road cycling, golf and hanging with friends


What did you think you’d be when you were growing up?

Exactly what I’m doing now. I have to pinch myself every day. As a kid and young adult, I was always designing and building things and envisioned myself owning a design firm.

What accomplishment are you especially proud of?

I’m most proud of having raised my three kids, but I’m also proud of the Phoenix Convention Center West building. That was a very complex, fast track design that will leave a legacy long after I’ve retired. When I walk in that building, I feel a sense of pride that I was a part of a team that designed this.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

That I am a small, part owner in Alcantara Vineyards in Cottonwood. The wines are great and the ambiance is amazing as we are on the Verde River where the confluence of the Oak Creek ends.

Advice received: Take good care of your clients and do good, quality work. It takes seven times the effort to acquire new clients than it does to maintain the clients you already have. It takes 10 times the effort to get a client back that you may have lost.

Advice to share: Be ethical, honest, build trust, work smart, be diligent, grow your knowledge every day, balance work with family and, most of all, be grateful.

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