The real estate industry is one that’s hard to make it in without referrals. When you’re trying to sell real estate, it’s important to make meaningful connections.

If you’re not a natural people person, this presents a challenge. Figuring out how to find customers in real estate is an art, not a science.

These tips below will help you attract the right people and build relationships that benefit your business.

Attend Networking Events

In business, meeting new people to help grow your business can be hard. That’s why a lot of communities have created networking lunches or meetings, to help you find other like-minded professionals. Visit and talk with people, and when you have an opening, share your business card.

If you’ve been to all the networking events and they seem stale, why not do one better? Host your own happy hour once a month for networking, and invite people you know would benefit from an introduction. This way you control the guest list and can cultivate a group of the best professionals.

Up Your Caring Game

People can tell when you’re just giving them lip service. Have you ever noticed the most successful people always remember people’s names? If you really want to have great real estate customer care, you need to start caring about people.

Pay attention to what they’re saying and jot down the details after your conversation. This will help you remember their dog’s name, the college their daughter is going to, and the date of their father’s hernia surgery. Next time you see them, review your notes ahead of time so you remember to ask about their life’s details.

Don’t let your phone interrupt your conversation. Don’t get distracted by people walking by or loud noises. Focus only on the person you’re talking to and give them the individual attention they feel they deserve.

When people can see you’re paying attention and not simply trying to make them feel important, they’ll recommend you to their friends.

How to Find Customers in Real Estate: Write Notes

If you’re wondering how to get clients in real estate, one way to stand out from the competition is to send handwritten notes. Let the gesture and the kind words speak for themselves–don’t use branded stationery or note cards. Get some professional but plain note cards and envelopes that you use exclusively for thank you notes.

Every time you get a referral, write a note to say you appreciate it. Even if you’re sending a note to the same person over and over, they’ll see that you’re consistent in your business practices and that you aren’t just trying to make a good impression once.

Make handwritten notes a priority. Even if you just keep a few in your briefcase, you can take 2 minutes to write one when you’re waiting at a restaurant or before a meeting.

Introduce People

Become an expert at introducing your friends and colleagues to whomever you run into. As you get to know more people, you’ll recognize them wherever you go.

Make sure that you’re ingratiating and follow proper protocol. Point out something important about each person to help them find equal footing.

If you want to take it a step further in your quest for how to find real estate clients, try to arrange these introductions. If you can, schedule your meetings back-to-back, whether in your office or at a restaurant. That way, you’ll be able to introduce your next client as the first client leaves.

Work in meetings with other professionals that your clients may need. For example, if someone is moving to a more expensive house, they may want to increase their life insurance limits. Introduce new homeowners to a life insurance provider you trust, noting that they’ve done a great job in the past for you or other previous clients.

The same process is great for your customers’ other potential needs. Get to know some attorneys, CPAs, marketing professionals, and other important service providers. When they consistently get referrals from you, they’ll return the favor.

Harness Every Online Opportunity

The MLS database listings get picked up by big sites like Zillow, but the listing information isn’t always accurate. If you want to find more real estate clients, make sure that you’re using resources unique to your state as well. This page is just one example from New Jersey of further ways to use online resources. 

Another way to use the internet is to build your social media following. People like to share if they see a unique home or astounding architecture, even when they aren’t looking to move. Their friends will see their posts, and the more it spreads, the more likely someone will see it.

Post the Right Signage

You can use a sign in the yard before you list a property if it says something like, “Coming Soon!” This will help generate interest before it’s even available for sale, but it won’t influence the number of days it’s been on the market. You may even sell it before it hits the market, a huge accomplishment (and one that will mean your clients are impressed and recommend you to their friends).

Update the yard sign as things progress, with added tags like “New Listing,” “Sale Pending,” and “Sold.” This keeps the information current, but it’s also great advertising for your business.

Wear a name tag with your brand on it whenever you’re out. As you have conversations with strangers (in the line at the bank or the grocery store), they’ll notice your tag and ask about it. Be prepared with a business card in case they’re interested, but don’t be pushy. 

Home At Last

You can be great at what you do, but without the word of mouth advertising, you can struggle over how to find customers in real estate.

Using the tips above, get the word out about your services and generate word-of-mouth referrals. When your hard work pays off, you’ll be glad you put yourself out there and made the efforts to facilitate introductions, update your signage, and focus a little more on people.

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