Buying or selling a home is an unbeatable experience for everyone involved.

There’s nothing quite like getting the keys to your dream property, and you don’t want to let this opportunity slip past you.

The realtor of your dreams can make the difference between landing you an amazing deal or missing out on a rare gem.

Currently, the real estate market is hot and flying off the charts, which can be nerve-racking. Without a trusted agent by your side to help you with the paperwork and suggesting the way ahead, it’s going to be a tough road to hoe.

Finding an agent to represent you in an area where you are unfamiliar can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Here are four steps to help ensure that your search for the best real estate agent for your home buying journey isn’t all that difficult.

Let’s get started…

Choose the Realtor You Have Chemistry With

First, let’s dismiss the notion that years of experience matters most when choosing an agent to assist you with your real estate needs.

While years of experience certainly do matter, there’s more to it than just that.

It’s also important that your agent is reliable and readily picks up on any vibe you might give.

Your realtor should note what aspects of a home are necessary for you and focus on properties they believe will align with those qualities.

Remember that the most important thing in choosing a real estate agent is chemistry. Good rapport between you and your agent will be instrumental in finding the home of your dreams.

Look for Recommendations From Friends and Family

The best place to find a reliable real estate agent is through references from friends and family.

That’s because if someone recently bought a home, they’re much more likely to offer you an unbiased reference.

Of course, you can always check local reviews, but remember that some of those reviews can often be fabricated, so take them with a grain of salt.

Another great way to determine whether you’re working with a reputable realtor is by looking at a real estate agent’s or that agency’s social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram. Have a look at the past experiences that people have had. It says a lot about a company!

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See If They Are Reliable

A real estate agent should be honest about the risk of buying and selling a home. They should tell you everything that you need to know about it, without skimping on the details.

You want someone who can mitigate most of the risks based on data.

Ideas for mitigating risk include performing a cash flow analysis calculation to see how much money you’ll make over time with your potential purchase.

Your real estate agent should have sound market analysis, which means they’re familiar with the current situation in their area (how fast properties are selling) and investment analysis (what recent price trend shows about the market).

Trust Your Gut

Making a decision can involve both emotion and logic. Intuition is very important as it helps us to find answers on a gut level.

If you feel comfortable working with a particular real estate agent, then go for it. Your heart will rarely steer you wrong when making the right choice for yourself.


You can choose the perfect home with a few simple choices, but be sure to take your time and make the right decisions. For example, we highlighted how several Boulder County realtors at Burgess Group can help you take the right steps.

Remember, real estate is a gamble where only the right choice will get you what you’re looking for. Don’t rush through this and take your time so that you can enjoy your home for a long time!