Phoenix-based KatzDesignGroup recently served up three restaurant interior projects in bustling Downtown Phoenix ranging from a fast-casual eatery at CityScape to an upscale Italian dining establishment at Collier Center.

“Restaurants are a playing a big part in creating the new culture of downtown,” said Principal Beth Katz. “KatzDesignGroup worked with these three unique restaurants all within three blocks of each other creating custom-branded spaces.”

The projects include:

Yogi's Grill is located in CityScape.
Yogi’s Grill is located in CityScape. (Photo courtesy of KatzDesignGroup)

Yogi’s Grill, CityScape, 1 E. Washington St., 1,200 square feet: Phoenix-based KatzDesignGroup designed the first of the newly branded Yogi’s Grill – Teriyaki & Roll fast casual restaurants, this one at CityScape. The 12th location of the franchise brings in a newly branded interior with a variety of unique materials.

The counter has a combination of granite and “burnt” wood. Millworker URI Construction repurposed pieces of salvaged wood for several weeks to create the mixed wood panels in the 250 SF dining area. The next location at Rivulon in Gilbert is scheduled to open in February.

“During demolition, we found plumbing running through a wall we were planning on removing,” Katz said. “Our contractor (One Way Construction) had to modify the front counter within hours to keep the project on track.”

Mancuso's is an upscale Italian restaurant in the Collier Center.
Mancuso’s is an upscale Italian restaurant in the Collier Center. (Photo courtesy of KatzDesignGroup)

Mancuso’s Restaurant, Collier Center, 201 E. Washington St., 8,700 SF: Katz partnered with Pasadena Ave. Design to create Bob Mancuso’s next venture. The space celebrates the restaurant’s 35-year Phoenix history with family heirlooms and photographs. It is inspired by Northern Italian cuisine and design.

The restaurant features a custom map of the town in Northern Italy where the Mancuso family lived as a backdrop for the new host area. .

The Noodle Bar is located at the Orpheum Lofts Building.
The Noodle Bar is located at the Orpheum Lofts Building. (Photo courtesy of KatzDesignGroup)

Noodle Bar, Orpheum Lofts Building, 114 W. Adams St., C-103, 2,700 SF: Katz worked with chef Marco DiSanto to design a restaurant as an authentic mix of his Japanese and Italian heritage. The team went with authenticity vs. fusion, Katz said. The space features locally made custom metal light fixtures described as “organic and noodle-ish.”

Other design features are Italian tiles, bento box counters, artist-inspired visual graphics, and the graphic branding by AWE Collective. Partner architect was Michael Hall; Bill Plesher of Landmark Kitchen Design provided additional design. General contractor was De Novo Construction.

“The space is in a historic building with an HOA,” Katz said. “Utilities were difficult to access as the space was not built for a restaurant space.”