As part of an ongoing commitment to innovation and disruption, Keyser announced Friday that they hired Jason W. Arias to design and develop next generation technologies to better optimize clients’ real estate portfolios & human capital assets.

“I am very pleased to welcome an innovator of Jason’s caliber to the team,” stated Founder, Jonathan Keyser.  “The most valuable companies in the future will be those that best utilize data science in their corporate decision making.  How Keyser aggregates, processes, segments and interprets big data for clients will revolutionize how companies make real estate and human capital decisions going forward.”

The Keyser team is working with some of the pre-eminent thought leaders, universities and coding talent in the world on this initiative, and Jonathan has expressed his commitment to Keyser becoming a global leader in data science for the commercial real estate and human capital industries.

“We are doing this to provide our clients with cutting edge data, methodologies & expertise so they can make the best decisions about their top two expense … people and real estate”, stated Jonathan.