GPE Management Services announced the appointment of Kristie Jones as designated broker. In this new role and as director of operations, she will ensure GPE runs smoothly and is compliant with all real estate regulations.  In addition to being involved in company decisions and strategic planning, Kristie establishes and monitors corporate as well as property management practices and procedures.

“Each and every year that Kristie has been part of GPE she has continued to increase her knowledge and responsibilities in the industry and at our firm.  She has proven herself a valuable leader and an integral part of our company’s success.  It is with great pride that all of us at GPE welcome her to her expanded role as D.B.  I know that she will excel in this new capacity and take our clients and our firm to even greater heights,” said David Genovese, President of GPE Companies.

Kristie joined GPE in 2009 when she began working as a temporary receptionist. She quickly made a name for herself as an efficient, capable professional. Her drive to improve and excel, mentoring from David and Ron Genovese, and continuing her education have all contributed to her success.