Construction on Estrella Women’s Health Center‘s newest facility, that will help the Center better accommodate the growing need of women’s health care and birthing services in the area, has been complete.

The facility is slated to open early this year, and includes 10,351 square feet of space that will help enhance patient privacy and improve staff experience for the center’s 40 employees.

The Estrella Women’s Health Center has operated for 40 years, and moves down the street from its previous location to 9930 W. Indian School Rd., Phoenix.

Estrella Women's Health Center
The newest Estrella Women’s Health Center was completed by LGE Design Build. The facility is just down the road from its previous location. (Photo courtesy of LGE Design Build)

LGE Design Build completed construction on the facility. LGE Design Group was the architects on the project.

The Center’s new facility is designed not only to improve overall efficiency, but also to offer new innovations and resources for patients, including a new area designated for non-stress tests. Performed on expectant mothers as a method of checking the baby’s condition and health, non-stress tests require that a patient sit still for up to about an hour at a time. The new non-stress test area features a spacious, comfy recliner for patients to relax in as opposed to a medical table, as is offered in most other traditional office environments.

The new office also boasts a procedure room, an ultrasound room and 25 separate exam rooms. Previously, each provider had access to three exam rooms at a time, but the new facility allows each doctor as many as 13 different rooms, which is expected to considerably reduce patient wait times. A larger break room for Estrella staff members serves as an additional project feature.

“LGE really made things easy,” said Estrella Women’s Health Center’s Practice Administrator Sharon Jones, of partnering on the project. “From the architecture, design and site-planning to the actual building process, LGE offers a one-stop-shop.”