Lincoln Property Company (LPC) has been ranked as the number one property manager in 2015 according to Multi-Housing News’ top 50 listing. The ranking was based on self-reported property characteristics, quantity of leases, amount and size of communities under management, square footage, amount of property operations owned or managed, involvement in multiple property sectors, sustainability practices and other considerations. Preference was given to those with strong growth and that serviced more than one sector.

Nationally, LPC has an average occupancy of 94 percent and manages more than 164,000 residential units, inclusive of 31,000 military homes and 18,000 student housing beds. In the Desert West region of Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico this includes 2,448 units.

More than 106 million square feet of office space, 30 million square feet of industrial space and 12 million square feet of retail space are also under LPC management, giving the company a diverse real estate portfolio. Since its inception, the Desert West region has developed approximately 3 million square feet, acquired 4 million square feet and manages approximately 8 million square feet of commercial space, including a 2014 TOBY international award-winning assignment.

“We are thrilled about Lincoln’s top ranking in Multi-Housing News. One of Lincoln’s strengths is diversity; servicing numerous market sectors,” said Margette Hepfner, LPC’s Vice President of Client Services. “Not only do we bring experience in apartment management, but also in management and development of commercial, industrial, retail, military and student housing. We’re excited about the achievement and are looking forward to continual growth.”