Entrepreneurs Cherie Koester and Jana Baldwin have partnered to form Earthworks Environmental, LLC, an environmental consulting business in Metro Phoenix.

With both serving as principals of the firm, Koester and Baldwin bring more than 16 years of combined regulatory and industrial experience in Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPPP), dust control and construction safety compliance. Earthworks Environmental largely serves land developers, vertical developers, land holding companies, commercial construction and private industry.

“I am passionate about helping my clients,” Baldwin said. “It is very gratifying for me to help them navigate through the pressures and ‘regulatory red tape’ of environmental compliance so they can focus on their project goals. My primary goal in my business is to empower clients to achieve and maintain environmental compliance without compromising productivity, timelines and bottom lines.”

Baldwin, who holds an Master of Science degree from Texas-Arlington in biological sciences, has guided land developers and members of the construction industry through layers of regulatory requirements, helping them to achieve and maintain environmental compliance through tough economic times in air and storm water programs.

During her time as a compliance inspector with Maricopa County Air Quality Department, she specialized in dust control training certification for Rule 310, conducted numerous community outreach presentations on air quality issues, and served as an air quality liaison for area cities and towns.

Koester, who holds a Master of Science degree from ASU in Environmental Technology Management & Sustainability, recently created an environmental compliance and safety division for a local landscape company.

During her role as director of environmental compliance and safety, she assisted the housing industry in Metro Phoenix to meet regulatory compliance regarding dust control and storm water pollution prevention. Previously she was a compliance inspector in the compliance division for the Maricopa County Air Quality Department and continues to hold strong relationships with the regulating community.

Prior to her work with the AQD, she gained experience in the regulated community. She was a project coordinator for Pauley Construction, a contractor of Salt River Project and Cox Communications.

“Cherie and Jana have the experience and a reputation for providing results; not just getting the job done but getting it done right. This is important when dealing with environmental regulations,” said Mark Hubbard, MCAQD Environmental Compliance Specialist. “They are a talented and hard-working team that provides the client a high quality environmental review in accordance with all regulatory requirements.”